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Home again! As nice as it is to be on vacation, it is also nice to be home....You may even be as happy to see me at home, as the REAL NFL Referees working today on your television, or mobile device.
I always reply to every comment, but it will take a little time as more than five times the amount of comments came in while I was away than happen normally. I glanced briefly, and was thrilled to see some people responding to other people's comments.

This little post is to thank everyone who drops by my little  blog...
You will see a counter two thirds of the way down the blog, on the right hand side, and it is a Google counter that I imagine has been working since the blog started, although I only added it many months after starting.It states that over 3 million total page views...

Spanking is indeed very popular... so never disturb your partner when she is sleeping,
So thanks again to everyone who drops by, and  thanks to everyone who leaves a comment....

May you either be spanked today, or give someone a spanking today, whichever is mutually satisfying and consensual for both parties
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What are you looking at.... so much to catch the eye, and very very worrisome
Is it the strap, or is it the determined look!
Could it be that your partner is sitting on the spanking chair, or that she is also holding a spanking implement
Whatever your eyes are looking at, they will soon have an upclose view of the floor...
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Just a few photos, and I do prefer looking at woman's reddened or unreddened bottoms...

I cannot reply until I arrive back in town... but you could leave a comment about your situation!

1. Do you use cornertime?

2. if yes,is it before or after the spanking?

3. Do you require hands on the head as shown to the left

or do you have the hands simply behind the back?



 ever have cornertime outdoors?

 or kneeling on the chair that was used for OTK

 or hands on the wall
Cindy only requires cornerrtime occasionally, and always before the spanking so I can think about what is to happen, and more importantly why!
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then and now

Their are so many sites, that an occasional vintage posting is fun....
One that I found a while ago and then lost track of, makes pictures look like they were Polaroids from the past... (if you do not know what a Polaroid camera was... it let you take a picture and automatically developed it for you, so no one else except you and the person photographed would ever see the photo... the advertisements lead you to believe that it was simply so you could see the results immediately ...
Wish we had taken some of these, but although we can make them look from long ago, we simply do not look that young.
Seeing that this is a day we are at a beach.. here ar a few beach photos,to encourage you to visit a nude beach
(We can tellt hat she wears the pants in the family (joke)
 She permits him to be naked (or did she command it)
She decided that baring it all is good for the soul
 and he definitely finds it exciting
 So follow where she leads
 and don't be afraid to break the rules sometimes
and maybe one day we will be on a nude cruise together
We will be pleased to meet you

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Laugh out Loud

Well, I have been cleaning out drawers, and trying to eliminate stuff.
A University of Maryland Medical Center study found that watching fifteen minutes of a funny film is good for the vascular system. Additionally, yukking it up has been proven to trigger the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers.

Thus, another reason to be a happy person.
You know cracking up feels damn good, but now you have even more reason to cackle so hard your face hurts.


The above article comes form Cosmoplitan  sept 2005 page 257

So, today some spanking and other artwork to hopefully make you smile.

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Sex is good to cure headaches

Just saw this recently on Real Age, that you can sign up for, and receive free posting son health related issues. Always good to glance at and remember sometimes.


They have five ideas, before popping pills, but number three I totally agree with...
 Get between the sheets. But not for shut-eye. Women with migraines who abandoned the "not now, I’ve got a headache" phrase got better pain relief from sex than from their usual migraine remedy. And it worked repeatedly. We’ll bet it will work for men, too. Orgasm is associated with the release of a vasodilating gas called nitric oxide.
I will send this to Cindy, and we will try this the next time my migraines strike... and we will keep you posted.... and if it doesn't work, it still had to be a worthwhile attempt.
The last photo would have worked years ago, but might kill my back now.

and as a reward for helping remove a migraine, you might be spanked.... a win win situation
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Hot Health Benefits of BOOTY

Hot Health Benefits of BOOTY:

Jump into the sack to discover how getting it on can cure anything from cramps to bad moods... Cosmopolitan page 154 March 2004.

In a large-scale study, a researcher in Scotland found that those couples who were deemed to look 10 to 12 years younger than their actual ages had AN ACTIVE SEX LIFE. (source: secrets of the Super Young: by David Weeks MD...
This whole article is worth repeating... so here goes...
You don't need a reason beyond pleasure seeking to get busy, but check this out: Sex does more than satisfy your lusty longings. It actually makes you a happier healthier BABE,  ven if you don't reach the big O every time.

"Studies show that sexual activity improves your mental and physical state" says Ava Cadell, PHD, a clinical sexologist in Los Angeles.
Sex increases blood circulation, which helps oxygenate the skin. says Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist in NYC.  It also makes you sweat, which opens up your pores and expels toxins from our body, leaving you with a radiant, rosy glow.
"{ while havng sex, women produce high levels of the hormone oxytocin, which lowers blood pressure. It is an antidote for stress, says Paul Pearsall, PhD, author of Partners in Pleasure.
Don't avoid the horizontal tango when you have a headache or PMS -. hop into bed. During sex and orgasm, the body produces endorphins, which are natural pain relievers that soothe headaches and menstrual cramps. says Hilda Hutcherson MD, assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University.
Lots of sex equals fewer sick days. A Wilkes University study found that people who had sex once or twice a week experienced a 30 percent increase in immunoglobulin A, an antibody that helps ward off colds and viruses.
Sex raises our testosterone level, which helps fortify our bones, says Cadell
bottom line: whatever increases your sexual attraction and leads to more sex is beneficial for your health.
Many of us use SPANKING as a DE-stressor, a way of solving problems, and a great aphrodisiac to making love...
Remember, both people having an orgasm is essential...
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