two spanking one

A few difficulties at home over the last little while, so without boring you with the details, we are recovering well. I had built up a few posts and scheduled them for posting, but only now getting back to actually making new posts to the blog.
To keep it simple, today's entry is simply for those men who fantasize  being spanked by two women.
Could this be your wife and your mother in  law?
Might one start, while the other waits her turn

 or might one  concentrate on keeping you in place while you are being spanked
 Personally, these two hands could be a lot of fun, at least at the beginning
 When you arrive home, do your knees TREMBLE at the following picture.
Your wife is smiling that smile that means you are going to be spanked...
She is sitting on a straight back chair...
and her best friend forever is sitting with an ominous look on her face...
and you remember that she taught your wife how to spank you, and promised a whooping if she ever needed to give more advice...
So let's get started shall WE!!!
For those who have experienced this:
Maybe they might like to share the details with all of us.
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I have experienced a spanking over the laps of two beautiful girls. See the next to last picture for the setup of the chairs.

I was spanked in a relentless manner by both girls, both cheeks were smacked at the same time. The setting was a dungeon like alcove so we were in a private space.

Although my bottom was really roasted, I enjoyed the experience and hope to recreate the scene with them soon.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We had a great time. The women get somewhat competitive and what one does not think of the other will.

I like the black girdle the women in the first picture is wearing. But, not the snarl on her face. I would pass her up. Her partner looks asleep.

Michael M said...

Nice thought. Double trouble.The lady in pink looks particularly cheerful and welcoming.

Red said...

Joeyred51: must have been a hot experience, in every sense of the word HOT!! Might be interesting to attend a spanking party for the experience.
bottoms up

Red said...

Bogey: Could be a fabulous experience.. The women getting competitive is oh la la..
I agree about your comments regarding the first picture.
bottoms up

Red said...

michael M: double trouble for certain.. If this was a spanking scene, and it might be, yes, she is thrilled.. and a pleasure to look at.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Red!
two spanking one is always a good thing!:-)