spanking F/M gif day

Do some spankings seem like this, that they are not ever going to end?

This is a maintenance spanking. The kind my hubby gets every morning after he gets out of the shower before he goes to work. It’s not harsh and not meant as discipline. It’s just to make sure he’s feeling your dominance and authority every day.

and is that  a good or a bad thing?

bare back reverse riding your bottom.. one heaven of a ride
Haven’t seen this one before.

does this bath brushh never run out of steam
Love the color!
or the belt that has you dancing on the spot
Mmmmm. I love when I tell him to bend over the chair, and he puts his head all the way to the seat…
and that dreadful paddle that lands with more force on the furthest cheek from the spanker because it simply travels a longer arc with more strength building every nanosecond

The flinching shows the viewer the effect
And Now…The Hairbrush.

and this lady is really putting effort into those spanks

Bad Boyfriend Beating.

just hope that your partner does not ask a friend to help


I’m not sure what it is exactly but after initially seeing this and laughing, I realised there’s something I quite like about it. I hope I haven’t just discovered something new about myself!
bottoms up
PS: many of these came from http://spanked2tears.tumblr.com/


Anonymous said...

Thanks Red for posting these excellent F/m spanking gifs.


Njspank said...


Let's hope so, nothing better than an endless otk hand spanking but the lady with the bathbrush, wow!

Red said...

joeyred51: You are welcome. Always fun to look at.
bottoms up

Red said...

njspank: if it seems endless, yes, only the hand spanking please.
bottoms up