spanked again..weight not dropping

Well, the weight is not dropping, even though I am trying quite hard. However, men will be men, and a  glass of wine at dinner is usually two glasses. [ I no longer have a cookie or ... after the meal]

One beer after the baseball game with teammates sometimes ends up being two, but no more than two. However a beer glass usually is a pint size variety, so it holds quite a bit. Light beer may be light in calories, but full bodied flavor is better.

I am determined to try to cut down massively on snacking after dinner, and hopefully this will help.

The results:

Cindy had a small freshen up bath, and then called me to the bedroom where she was already sitting on the spanking chair, dressed in sexy  lingerie, and holding the hair brush..,

She requested I get her some sexy shoes to raise her legs , and prior to putting them on her, I kissed and sucked her toes, much to our mutual delight.
The shoes were on, and I was told to lower my pants, and Cindy admired the sexy white panties from Victoria Secret that I was wearing.
I bent over her knees, and expected to be told to lower the panties, but this did NOT happen.
The spanking simply started full force full speed. I am now acutely aware that flimsy panties offer no protection whatsoever, but they do change the feeling of the spanking a bit. Cindy lectured about my weight loss stalling, and delivered many many spanks to accentuate the point. She finally stopped, but immediately informed me that she was just resting. OOPS!

After a short pause, and me moving forward, from the first spanking photo to the second position, but not with the leg lock.
The strain on the arms and neck were relieved, and the back of my legs and where they join my butt were even more accessible. Cindy recommenced spanking with equal intensity as before, and just as long while continuing the lecture.

When the spanking finally ended, I thanked her for the spanking, and we proceeded to cuddle, caress, and make love with intense passion. We both  had fabulous orgasms.

My bottom was still red the next day, and has been sore for three days. I am doing somewhat better in not snacking at night, and limiting the wine intake at dinner. We went to the movies this afternoon, and I took a combination of cherries and grapes to nibble on, and water to drink.

May all your spankings end in making love
bottoms up


ricky said...

Wonderful story!
You know, we men can never win, can we?
"Why can't you lose any weight?
"Don't you like my brownies?
"What do you mean you've gained another pound?
"Get over my knee!"
See what I mean?
You lucky son of a gun!

Red said...

Ricky: yes, very lucky to be married to such a wonderful, beautiful woman.
bottoms up

sissy maid_tiffani said...

As someone who has struggled with weight loss... won, lost,and won again, it honestly is as simple as mathematics. Calories in vs. calories out. The major factor is motivation, just find yours and the weight just comes off... if that hairbrush doesn't provide the proper motivation, you (or She) just need to find what does :)

Red said...

sissy_maid tiffani:
Yes, it is that simple, but as age progresses, your body does slow down in burning calories.. We will keep trying... thanks for the encouragement.
bottoms up