did you spank or were you spanked

I thought I would ask my readers if they had spanked or been spanked on Consensual; Spanking Day

I hope that everyone is comfortable enough to ask to be spanked, just for the fun of the experience.

You should note that we do NOT believe in bruising, or blood, and I never post any pictures of this nature.

 Does anyone know how to use html so i can find how to remove the white at the top of this poll?       


Consensual Spanking Day Results

Did you spank or were you spanked on Consensual Spanking Day

Male: I was spanked
Female: I was spanked
Male: I spanked myself
Female: I spanked myself
Male: I spanked someone
Female: I spanked someone
Male: unfortunatley no spanking
Female: unfortunatley no spanking
 Current Results

bottoms up


ronnie said...

I had a belated one Red:)

Have a good weekend.


Red said...

Ronnie: happy to know you are having fun with TTWD.
Have a fun weekend also.
bottoms up