thought for the day: when you look at this picture and dream, also look in the mirror to see reality..

It is far better to be with the partner that you love and who also loves you.

But dreams can also be pleasant.
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he spanks him

Came across a few  pictures, heavens knows where, so thought that as I post she spanking her ,
 then I should post some of
he spanking him
If any readers can suggest rreasonable m/m spanking blogs, please let me know.
andone of she spanking she
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be afraid

Some pictures of women waiting to spank you.

Many of these wonderful pictures come from
as the hair brush is familiar
The ladies look formidable
and the focus of lap and brush daunting
be certain to take your spanking,
 with howls
 and feet dancing
 that stiff upper lip will just make for a longer spanking
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eclectic collection of cartoons and spankings

Eclectic   collection of cartoons and the inevitable spankings
and the feet dancing caused by the spanking
 Ever vigilant wife
prompt action is needed
 Advice of a trained professional is always available

 Sometimes he is just a little dense... (thick headed)
and a contented wife about to start spanking
so may the reaction fit the crime
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signs of the times

Thought I would  have some fun with signs someone put thought and effort into creating...
As a reminder
Sometimes you need to confess
 and even suggest the outcome

whereas sometimes your partner comes to the conclusion on their own
 and announce the decision
In this litigious  society, it is always useful to have a permit  before making home improvements 
 and some homes need different types of improvements so dual contracts may be necessary.
Best is the home where simply one person can say:
 Some people are shy to ask,so the internet has happily provided them coupons they can subtly hand to their partner
such as
 However, be aware that this could become habit forming
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spanking is never far away

You may not have gathered, but we have been away. I always try to promptly reply to comments, but cannot when out of town. We also had  very severe food poisoning or some sort of very severe 5 hour virus.
 An upside to the dreaded vo.. and di.. and blacking out is that I lost a pound or two..   :)

We are now feeling better, but it has taken a week, and thus I was spanked yesterday.

Bare bottomed, over the knee, with the wooden hairbrush reddening my bottom, and making my feet dance. The reason is unimportant, except for me to remember that it does not happen again.
 It is always astonishing that if you have not been spanked for two weeks, how soft your bottom becomes, in terms of reacting to being spanked. You feel every spank, specially since Cindy was in the mood to make this spanking FELT, and FELT well....

Cindy spanked until her arm tired, and then paused but kept me on her lap... [fortunatley fo rme Cindy had been at the gym earlier, and had done a fitness class with weights, and thus her arms were tired].
I did not actually notice any fatigue in her spanking skills, and specially when she resumed. Another good minute or more of constant hard spanks all in one spot, then moving to another spot, and then randomly everywhere so that I could not anticipate anything...
I was well roasted when Cindy stopped, and then we made passionate love...

Life could not be finer, even if we lived in Carolina.. (do you know that tune..nothing could be finer than to be in Caroliner in the morning.. AL JOLSON)

a little addendum: Cindy used the soup stirrer earlier today when displeased. Short and effective.. so we are really back in the world of spanking..)
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fun saturdays

A thought from the past: I have no idea where this comes from
  It is good that times have changed: women can be thought of in a different way
and the future is even more promising
so beware the chair
 because that brush is meant for you
then let the lovemaking begin
and add a few more spanks to keep him motivated
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