This thought is so very apt...

More and more visitors are visiting this blog, which I try to keep entertaining.
My  fetish with spanking, has helped make Cindy and I more in love than ever. Thus, I try to give people the courage to speak to their partner if they have a spanking fetish. However, go very slowly, and be very honest with your partner. Do not jeopardize a good and loving relationship over a fetish.
More on this some other time.
Many of the visitors come for the photos, with the little story lines I put with them.Similar to captions written on photos, but you have the photo unadorned.
 Well, tumblr is definitively a place to be lost, and I have spent many an interesting hour passing from place to place..
I will start publicizing more tumblr sites in the future
They may be vintage
or the newest spanking photos
or any fetish you can imagine...
or had not ever thought of..flashing this way
SO, as Roy Rogers would have sung...

Happy Trails to you
Until we meet again
and do drop by now and then
bottoms up


Hermione said...

Tumblr can be a lot of fun if you find unusual or unique pictures. It's not so good when the pictures are simply reblogged from other tumblr blogs which in turn reblogged them from...

Are you thinking of starting a companion tumblr blog?


Red said...

hermoine: tumblr can be fun.., however, I found out it costs MONEY to have a tumblr site... so not creating one... blogger is free...
bottoms up