The Paddled Bottom

Another tumblr site, that has oodles of spanked bottoms, both male and female, can be found by clicking:

To be fair,wooden paddles can be very dangerous if overused.
 Bone is not EVER to be hit by wood, or by anything that does not have some give in it.
CARE IS NEEDED, and CONTROL of the implement by the spanker.
 A slight pause is needed for her to regain her position for the next spank
Also, positioning is KEY.  Note that these photos show great positioning.
Spanking the fleshiest parts of a bottom is perfect, but do not wander onto bone! Be specially careful never to strike the tailbone.l
We do not believe in bruising, or blood on a spanked bottom, but you will see plenty of that on this tumblr.
But you will also see very ominous spanking implements held by women of all ages,which is fabulous.
You might find the  spankee sways a bit after a strong stroke... ogh well such is life
Be certain they are back in position and stationary to receive the next spank.
However, this position is very poor, as it is easy to actually only end up spanking with the end of the implement, being many inches of solid wood, not the flat side of the paddle.
The site has 60 pages when I wrote this, and was recently advertised on another tumblr that you can find in my tumblr list on the side of the blog... Strict Women...
 are you ready to be spnaked?"
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You find us some interesting sites Red, thanks.


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Ronnie: you are welcome Ronnie...
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