thoughtful reminders

A few pictures that might alert you that you will be spanked soon

You walk into the living room and a bundle of birch rods have been neatly tied together and awaits usage, as does a pillow to make certain your bottom is at the right height for correction...
Maybe you hare been asked to pull the sheets down before bedtime, and the hairbrush that is usually in the bath room is sitting prominently on the night table.

It  could just be the new sign that your partner has put on your bedroom door
 or possibly the new small carpet on your side of the bed
or, sometimes, the message is more immediately understood
bottoms up


  1. I noticed your birch rod.
    Have you ever tried one from willow tree
    branches made in the spring?
    Have Cindy ask me nicely, and I'll tell you
    both about it.
    I'm kidding!
    I'm just naughty, OK?
    I promise I'll be polite.

  2. Ricky: no, we have never tried one... but who knows what the future will bring!!!
    bottoms up

    1. I'll tell you about it next winter, just before spring.
      There's no point now, in this withering heat of a summer.

    2. yes, a scorching summer... not only ttwd type.
      bottoms up


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