spanked as foreplay

As many readers may know, we sometimes use spanking for disciplinary reasons, but more often than not use spanking as a part of foreplay.

Being retired, sex in the afternoon is really a lot of fun, when we are both refreshed and not in any way tired.

Yesterday had Cindy taking a bath, and then we cuddled and fondled. Cindy after a few minutes, stated she would like me to get her something leather to use to spank me.

I retrieved the leather metal studded heart shaped paddle, and a five finger leather strap.
Cindy sometimes jokingly complains that my erection is going to disappear, and has a little kissing and sucking first, much to our mutual delight.
Cindy then patted her lap, and I took of f my pants and panties that I had put on earlier, knowing we were going to have some fun in the afternoon. . She then proceeded to use the heart shaped paddle with enthusiasm. In addition, to always keep me guessing, she only spanked one cheek for about twenty spanks, before moving to the other cheek. I was getting worried as the effectiveness  was becoming intense... and seeming that it was not going to stop.
You might have guessed, but now the other cheek got the exact same one-sided attention. Makes me wonder if Cindy has looked at my blog lately, specifically a posting about a one cheek spanking.
Fortunately, Cindy then switched to alternating cheeks for the next many spanks. When she stopped, she stated what I nice pink and rosy blush I had on my bottom. I am glad she likes to see both cheeks equally colored.
She then started with gusto using the leather fingered hand strap, and it was stinging with every spank, and certainly getting a reaction from me that Cindy enjoyed. This continued for quite a number of spanks, and I am reasonably certain my feet were dancing, and some bum clenching to unconsciously try to lessen the target.

Having gone a long while without any spanking, except for one a week ago, it has probably been  two months with only one spanking. Your bottom can really soften up, and any spanking is very effective.

ASIDE: the advantage of using two different implements is that they give entirely different feels while being spanked. The leather heart shaped metal studded really thudded in, and the tip did a dance on the far side of my bottom. A day later the marks from the tip were still there.  The finger strap was a very intense sting! Both entirely different than a wooden bath brush...

We then proceeded to make love, and my penis sprang back to life after cowering away during the spanking. We both had absolutely fabulous orgasms, and cuddled afterwards. That evening,w e went out for dinner, and had a great meal as an afterglow for a fabulous afternoon.

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otk4us2 said...

Nice pictures, especially #4, definitely a woman who can handle her man!


Hermione said...

I like the five-fingered strap. Talk about a five finger exercise!


ricky said...

Luv the story and the pics: you all are having so much fun!
Thank you again for sharing.

Red said...

glad you liked the pictures
bottoms up

Red said...

ours is similar, but shorter..
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Red said...

Ricky: we definitely are having fun... Thanks for commenting
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