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Let's set the record straight. My first love is other spanking blogs, where content of ideas, and learning of events and spankings in REAL PEOPLE's LIVES I find to be extremely interesting. I can relate to this.
I imagine that other  bloggers, as do I, sometimes feel they are writing almost the same thing when describing a spanking. However, every spanking has certain unique features, as well as the love making immediately after in many cases. I enjoy reading of Ronnie and Hermione and Bonnie and ... spankings...

However, I imagine than many of my readers come solely for the photos, which in the past were essentially posed. Many spanking sites now show real honest to goodness spankings. However, they are still artificial in the way that they  have a camera person, lighting, video, and re-takes and close-ups... and bloopers... etc..
I hit a high that I saw the other day of over 700 visitors in one day, that had been here at least once before.

The counter of current visitors, and what county they come from is simply amazing. It sometimes shows more than 40 on-line at one time.
bottom line... I have made my tumblr site dynamic, so that it shows which have been updated recently, just like the blogs. I have this lower than the blogs, to give preference to blogs. However, my stats on statcounter shows most people leave via tumblr, no matter how I try to structure the blog.

Enjoy the photos

Experiment with spanking

Have a fun life!!!

Cindy and I are!

PS: click on any picture and it will hopefully take you to the site I found the picture on...
bottoms up

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