hump day wednesday: you had me at hello :

Fun gif day... giving new meaning to hump day Wednesday

I hate to see her leave, but I LOVE to watch her go!

sing, dance the weekend is coming

¨Come in here, I wanna cum again¨
shake shake your booty
Almost enough to get me fully aroused….. bend over Baby and I’ll kneel down and embarrass us both. 

follow willingly, wherever you are lead
¨Follow me, I got something for you to do for me¨

My baby´s ready for me to pleasure her.
credit to Enigma Variations


She doesn’t have to ask permission to cum, she just does.bottoms up


Henry Castle said...

I love reading about your activities and the pics these gifs are great . Thank you. I hope mrs Bunter an I carry on and enjoy ourselves like you two.

Red said...

We were only into spanking when the children were gone from the home, having moved on to university and living in residence. I only opened up about my lifelong fantasy/fetish then, when we had much more time to talk..
Wishing you the same happiness, and a well spanked bottom.
bottoms up