handcuffs and sex

Well, we have been exploring with mild mild bondage, and yesterday i bought handcuffs at the local adult store. (one for me, and one for Cindy.

Cindy used the hand cuffs on me, and then tied the hand cuffs to the dresser,so that I was on my back on the bed, with my hands stretched out over my head.

Cindy did all sorts of fun things to me, licking and sucking, pinching my nipples, rubbing her nipples tantalizingly over my chest.... you get the general idea.. kissing and cuddling, and placing her breasts for me to kiss, suck..

She then lowered her pussy over my face, and I greedily enjoyed myself as much as I could. We verbally talked dirty enhancing the scene, and she eventually had a roaring orgasm. I was glad it did not occur to soon, to spoil the fun.

She then lowered herself and did a reverse cowgirl position, and road my erection to a  fabulous  roaring orgasmic destination.
Cindy then uncuffed me, and we cuddled, where she informed me that her throat was sore from having climaxed so loudly.

Aside: I went outside about a half hour later for some herbs in the garden, and the neighbor who was sitting in their backyard with a friend had a smile from ear to ear as he spoke to me. OOPS! It appears that windows closed and air conditioning on is not sufficient to keep the neighbors from overhearing our activities.

Makes one wonder what other activities (spanking) that they might have overheard in the past.
He told me that they are on vacation for two weeks.  Must remember to play music loudly in the afternoon, if they are in the yard.

bottoms up

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