fun at the beach: from monkini to no kini

Times change, and we are all the better for it... at least I believe this to be true
A vintage photo shows that umbrellas were probably a good thing
then came the monokini: shown in stores as follows
with real live models
daring full frontal photos but censored from actual beach photos
 The bikin has given way to true topless
and friends on vacation certainly have fun
 and progress is always ranpant
so duff those clothes, and let's get into the water to cool off this summer
 and pose for pictures after.

 just wish I could have talked Cindy into nudism earlier in life, but happy we now go to nudist beaches when we get a chance, as long as we have umbrellas to  sit under when not walking or in the water.
bottoms up


ricky said...

Vive au naturelle!
Do you still go when you have traces of TTWD?
Do you see traces on others?
And if so, do you exchange wink-winks?
(Well, you brought up the topic.)

Red said...

ricky: we have never gone with spanking traces, and I am always careful at the gym when showering and changing if I have recently been spanked. Yet, if I saw someone else who had been spanked, I would talk with them.
bottoms up