AUGUST 8 :Consensual Spanking International Day Editted

Well, it is less than a month away, so I thought it was time to start publicizing the date.
 The goal is to see how many people are consensually spanked on this day .
It is definitely permitted to ask your partner for a spanking!
If you are the spanker, it is definitely okay to tell your partner to expect to be spanked on that date, besides any spankings that may come along before then.
If you know of the site that states a number of rules for the day, please let me know ASAP so that I can incorporate into my posting on August 8th.
I will have two polls available, one for spankers and one for spankees,

It will undoubtedly show that women are spanked more often than men, although my blog caters somewhat more to the man being spanked.
I will not be trying to find out who was spanked by the most implements, nor who was spanked by the most people in one day. That is NOT my conception of consensual spanking day.
I am simply interested in how many people are spanked. (not whether you were lead by your partner, undressed by your partner, whether you were looking upwards first, or wearing panties... just were you spanked...
Apologies: here are a few photos of spanked women

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ricky said...

August 8, 2012,
Consensual International Spanking Day, is it?
Well, OK, I've seen your spankers.
I just want you to know I'll be first in line.
Ha, so there!
There's just one thing, however.
Would you please talk me out of it?

Red said...

ricky; no chance... that I will talk you out of it, but do try to spank or be spanked on that day.
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Hermione said...

I'll mark that date on my calendar to make sure it's free of other obligations. Thanks for the heads up.


Red said...

Hermione: Fortunately for you, it is on a Wednesday, so if Ron is a gentleman, which undoubtedly he is, you will then have a weekly spanking on Sunday, a consensual spanking on Wednesday, followed by another spanking on Sunday.... Those sometimes called dog days of summer can be exciting.
bottoms up