one piece beach attire

Just when you thought things were fine, new beach attire is arriving.

The one piece is available for men
and a slightly different one is available for women...
they are definitely eye catching...
I wonder if they will catch on....
probably a better chance of a visit to the woodshed than seeing these bathing suits...
and a red bottom
and a look of satisfaction for the spanker
bottoms up


Come Here

A little collection of come hither photos that lets you know you are about to be spanked...
The finger beckons, and the eyes can tell you what is on her mind
She asks you to come upstairs with her, and right away you know what fate has in store.
You hear her come in the door,  and you come to greet her, to find the umbrella already folded up from the rain, and her sitting in the chair... smiling at the look on your face!!! (photo from Miss Chris website... http://www.missschris.com
You meet her gaze, as she sits on the bed..and know
but you find it harder to meet her gaze, when your eyes are locked on the bath brush she is wielding
so smile while you can, and apologize as yo lower your pants and underwear, and settle over her knee...
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handcuffs and sex

Well, we have been exploring with mild mild bondage, and yesterday i bought handcuffs at the local adult store. (one for me, and one for Cindy.

Cindy used the hand cuffs on me, and then tied the hand cuffs to the dresser,so that I was on my back on the bed, with my hands stretched out over my head.

Cindy did all sorts of fun things to me, licking and sucking, pinching my nipples, rubbing her nipples tantalizingly over my chest.... you get the general idea.. kissing and cuddling, and placing her breasts for me to kiss, suck..

She then lowered her pussy over my face, and I greedily enjoyed myself as much as I could. We verbally talked dirty enhancing the scene, and she eventually had a roaring orgasm. I was glad it did not occur to soon, to spoil the fun.

She then lowered herself and did a reverse cowgirl position, and road my erection to a  fabulous  roaring orgasmic destination.
Cindy then uncuffed me, and we cuddled, where she informed me that her throat was sore from having climaxed so loudly.

Aside: I went outside about a half hour later for some herbs in the garden, and the neighbor who was sitting in their backyard with a friend had a smile from ear to ear as he spoke to me. OOPS! It appears that windows closed and air conditioning on is not sufficient to keep the neighbors from overhearing our activities.

Makes one wonder what other activities (spanking) that they might have overheard in the past.
He told me that they are on vacation for two weeks.  Must remember to play music loudly in the afternoon, if they are in the yard.

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fun at the beach: from monkini to no kini

Times change, and we are all the better for it... at least I believe this to be true
A vintage photo shows that umbrellas were probably a good thing
then came the monokini: shown in stores as follows
with real live models
daring full frontal photos but censored from actual beach photos
 The bikin has given way to true topless
and friends on vacation certainly have fun
 and progress is always ranpant
so duff those clothes, and let's get into the water to cool off this summer
 and pose for pictures after.

 just wish I could have talked Cindy into nudism earlier in life, but happy we now go to nudist beaches when we get a chance, as long as we have umbrellas to  sit under when not walking or in the water.
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sex and spanking: afternoon delights

Being retired has many rewards, giving more opportunities for TTWD.

Being retired, with a decent pension (very fortunate), leads to many adventures. Travel is one of our great adventures. TTWD is another.

Yesterday, we exchanged glances, and one thing lead to another, and it was off to the bedroom for a romp. After kissing and cuddling, Cindy decided a spanking should be in order.

She went and sat on the spanking chair, and I went and got the hair brush.
Bare bottom, over her knees, she made every spank extremely effective. Each one packed a wallop, without any warm-up having occurred.
The spanks landed on the same two spots almost entirely, and after about twenty slow HARD spanks, my sit spot was on fire.
Permitted to look in the mirror, it was a gray ashen color surrounded by a marginal area of red, on each cheek.

Cindy had by then put the hairbrush aside, and passionate love making occurred, with a fabulous orgasm for each of us.

What a pleasant interlude in the middle of the day. (Something for people to look forward to when they retire, if they keep the love alive!)

Later that night, my bottom had a bright red spot on each cheek, and was sore the rest of the day, and I still feel it the day after.

Happy spankings to everyone

bottoms up


making tumblr easier for my readers

Let's set the record straight. My first love is other spanking blogs, where content of ideas, and learning of events and spankings in REAL PEOPLE's LIVES I find to be extremely interesting. I can relate to this.
I imagine that other  bloggers, as do I, sometimes feel they are writing almost the same thing when describing a spanking. However, every spanking has certain unique features, as well as the love making immediately after in many cases. I enjoy reading of Ronnie and Hermione and Bonnie and ... spankings...

However, I imagine than many of my readers come solely for the photos, which in the past were essentially posed. Many spanking sites now show real honest to goodness spankings. However, they are still artificial in the way that they  have a camera person, lighting, video, and re-takes and close-ups... and bloopers... etc..
I hit a high that I saw the other day of over 700 visitors in one day, that had been here at least once before.

The counter of current visitors, and what county they come from is simply amazing. It sometimes shows more than 40 on-line at one time.
bottom line... I have made my tumblr site dynamic, so that it shows which have been updated recently, just like the blogs. I have this lower than the blogs, to give preference to blogs. However, my stats on statcounter shows most people leave via tumblr, no matter how I try to structure the blog.

Enjoy the photos

Experiment with spanking

Have a fun life!!!

Cindy and I are!

PS: click on any picture and it will hopefully take you to the site I found the picture on...
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hump day wednesday: you had me at hello :

Fun gif day... giving new meaning to hump day Wednesday

I hate to see her leave, but I LOVE to watch her go!

sing, dance the weekend is coming

¨Come in here, I wanna cum again¨
shake shake your booty
Almost enough to get me fully aroused….. bend over Baby and I’ll kneel down and embarrass us both. 

follow willingly, wherever you are lead
¨Follow me, I got something for you to do for me¨

My baby´s ready for me to pleasure her.
credit to Enigma Variations


She doesn’t have to ask permission to cum, she just does.bottoms up


A different hard spanking F/M video

The last video I posted from spankingtube disappeared.
Maybe too many views, maybe it remains on this site only for a short time.
I found the video on http://fuckyeahspanking.tumblr.com/   on the Monday July 23rd posting


Watch it before it is gone!!! I tried to embed the code, but it did not show up in preview mode! Thus,  I have the link above.  I am sincerely glad that my spankings are not like this...

bottoms up



This thought is so very apt...

More and more visitors are visiting this blog, which I try to keep entertaining.
My  fetish with spanking, has helped make Cindy and I more in love than ever. Thus, I try to give people the courage to speak to their partner if they have a spanking fetish. However, go very slowly, and be very honest with your partner. Do not jeopardize a good and loving relationship over a fetish.
More on this some other time.
Many of the visitors come for the photos, with the little story lines I put with them.Similar to captions written on photos, but you have the photo unadorned.
 Well, tumblr is definitively a place to be lost, and I have spent many an interesting hour passing from place to place..
I will start publicizing more tumblr sites in the future
They may be vintage
or the newest spanking photos
or any fetish you can imagine...
or had not ever thought of..flashing this way
SO, as Roy Rogers would have sung...

Happy Trails to you
Until we meet again
and do drop by now and then
bottoms up