TUMBLR: so you like spanking pictures

Another great tumblr site for spanking pictures is as follows...

One will find many more women being spanked than men, as this is somewhat the preference in the spanking world...
(love the creative use of an ironing board.... well done)
 My random viewing of blogs shows many more women discussing their love of being spanked (aka Hermione , Ronnie, Erica, Bonnie ), or their willingness to be spanked in a Husband being a head of the household setting. (aka Taken in hand)

(I just love pictures of well spanked bottoms with dancing feet... while the spanking continues)
The tumblr site is over a year old, so you probably will want to browse using archive feature... or at random pick a page from 1 to 192 and counting...
(great photo... people of all ages and sizes can be spanked, if 18 or older)

Some spanked bottoms are too spanked for my liking, but to each their own, as long as it is CONSENSUAL.
(one small hairbrush can certainly be effective )
The tumblr has lots of videos,s o you can watch actual spankings, some exceptionally real...
(small hairbrush extremely effective)

All photos are from this tumblr... but so many to look at, and so little time in the day...
(spank him, and tell him  how he will behave in the future)
The tumblr began in September 2009
(good use of a desk.. anytime, any place)
The only problem with publicizing this tumblr is that you may never come back to my blog...
(This photo seems to show four smiling women in the mirror, but only three seem to have been spanked!!)
Not a real fan of the title, but whenever on the page the title is only   "Spanking" ,and also is the tab name.
 (it is my turn to spank him again)
(This photo really shows six of the best... , but a very careless spanker..)

bottoms up


reneerose~closetgirl said...

Thanks for these!

BruisedBottomGuy said...

HEYY thanks for the tip!
Now, if only such an extensive (free..) site existed with an f/m slant...

Red said...

reneerose: you are welcome

Bruisedbottomguy: some exist, but most of us, even if we like to e spanked, enjoying looking at the bottoms and/or spankings of ladies.

bottoms up