leading him June edition

Well, as I wonder the net, another fun feature is a woman leading a man to....
the table to bend him over and spank him..
or take him to the bedroom to spank him and then make love with him

You can find more of this at


You might like then like to just look at the site  in general,
nine pages to be exact... Now they are not all leading,
 and a few are less than gentle.
  Be certain to hold on tight and walk purposefully to wherever your heart desires
He will get in step quickly
but as the saying goes...
Consider the fun possibility of having him drive up naked, and then lead him into the house
of course, you would have to be rich enough to have your own estate.
And I must say, it is a lot more fun than be lead by the ear....

bottoms up


BOB said...

Thanks for posting this. I love seeing clothed women leading their naked husbands by their penises

Red said...

Bob: thanks for the comment, I am glad at least one person liked this post... alas, so many posts, so few comments...
bottoms up