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Anonymous left a comment on my previous post  showing some drawings by Leonardo.

The site has many Leonardo drawings and is worth visiting.
The drawings on this page are from this site.
However, the entire site has much more to offer.
"This website contains alternative, contemporary as well as traditional nude, figurative and erotic art and photography."
Defining erotic art is difficult since the perception of what is considered erotic and what is considered art fluctuates with times, and sometimes this perception is in the eyes of the beholder.
We proudly present for your viewing the Internet largest and most select collection of erotic art.
Total Site Entries: 127,814

This one I particularly like of two friends spanking each other.
compassion and sex after the spanking is done.

Having to wait your turn while watching your friend be spanked, and now it is your turn

or being spanked in front of a witness

so enjoy visiting the main site
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Mlkklm said...

Great find, Red...

Trying to be "blog of the month" again ? ;-)

ronnie said...

Fab pictures Red, thanks for sharing. I too like the one of the two friends spanking.


Red said...

Mlkklm: Glad you like it..a reader put me onto to the site... Win an award for this blogger.. it never has happened, not even for a day...
bottoms up

Red said...

Ronnie: glad you like them, and what are friends for except to spank each other if your partner is on an extended out of town trip, and gives permission... I would say dreaming in technicolor, but a more apt would be dreaming in 3 dimensions...
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Love the two friends, and nice panty spanking. Also the ladies watching each other go over her sexy lap! WOW

Red said...

njspank: Glad you liked the posting, and thanks for leaving a comment. I really appreciate people leaving a comment. Makesmy efforts more worthwhile.
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