2,500,000 page views and counting

First, let me thank everyone who drops by, as it is more interesting to operate a blog if people visit.
The reason many drop by are for the pictures, and I imagine the title creates a situation for an initial  visit. Hopefully some visit for the content, as stat counter shows approximately 630 visitors each day that have been here at least once before...
Thank you also to those that are followers,as that is encouraging. Some people might click to be a follower simply to connect with like-minded interests, and I do have quite a bit of that happening on this followers list. (that's fine with me).

I am somewhat mystified by page views... as to how it is counted, but whatever method they do is fine... (stat counter shows me  3,865,469 page views).
Feel free to leave a comment occasionally, it really livens the blog, and myself personally.
Cindy continues to improve, so we may be getting back to spanking in the near future....

So this is not to boring, I have included some pictures.
bottoms up


Hermione said...

Wow! That's a lot of hits! And well-deserved, I might add. You have a fine blog.


Red said...

Heroine: thanks
bottoms up

Hermione said...

LOL! Curse you, Autocorrect.