women having fun

Call me a dirty old man, but I love woman having fun, and titillating their partner, and / or friends and the general public.
Posting the pictures is even more fun for those who were not there to see the bravado.

   Let us not forget that some could be on dares!
On a personal note, I dare everyone of my readers to take a few pictures of them either giving a spanking
or being spanked
and a photo of the red bottom would be fabulous.
However, for spanking enthusiasts, covering the face and possible identifiable items (if taken in the house) is always a good idea.
I, totally inadvertently, posted a photo of someone who did not want it posted.
I immediately removed it, and to be on the safe side, removed  all photos from that posting.
As you can tell from the photos, women  of all ages are showing pride in their body, in themself.
What a great souvenir to look back at after ten years, to see how great your body looked then, but how awesome it still is..
 Is it not wonderful that skirts have never gone out of fashion!
 and dressing commando is so thoughtful in advance
 and low scoop necklines are always tantalizing

We have taken a multitude of pictures like this, but hopefully not where we would be caught.
However, I have seen so many taking in libraries, that I think I should go visit a library soon.
bottoms up


Our Bottoms Burn said...

A lot of beaver pics Red. Where's the pics of you and yours?

Red said...

Bogey: sorry, wouldn't want to scare people...
bottoms up

overherlap said...

As they might say in the UK, those women are just "larking about", and I agree with you I like it :)


spankedbywife said...

Gee Red. We have posted pix of Cora spanking me but I know that folks would much rather see pix of her than my red bottom.

And I agree with Bogey: Where is the photo of your red bottom?

Red said...

Dave: larking about, or tarting about... I love it all. I have to convince Cindy to do it, and it inevitably leads to a spanking and sex, or just wonderful exciting sex... As an American expression states it: TWO thumbs up!!!
bottoms up

Red said...

Ken: All our photos are kept private... I am afraid that family would be frightfully embarrassed if it was ever found out. (definitely prefer looking at Cora rather than your bottom..no offense intended.. just the way it is... :)
bottoms up