Dana Kane spanks

A video worth watching, might give some people a new idea before attending an event...Other readers already know of its charming effect on making a pleasant evening.

Here is the link in case the video above doe snot  work.


 Some events are stressful, and thus a spanking beforehand reduces that stress, and reminds your partner of the love attached to the spanking. If you are the person being spanked, your sore bottom throughout the night will be a great reminder to be a really exceptionally charming person.

In many families this is not easy, as children are in the house. Unpleasant as a cane can undoubtedly be, it is THE SOLUTION, where noise is minimal, and the person receiving the cane has redouble their efforts to remain absolutely silent. Hopefully, you do not have children or others about, and thus a loud bath brush will more effectively do the job to perfection.

I highly recommend you be spanked before the event, and you will enjoy the even t far greater than you imagined.

The disciplinarian is Ms. Dana Kane. You can visit her on her blog:


Happy Spankings


k said...

The cane is the solution my Wife uses to discipline and punish me when we have to be quiet due to our young son sleeping in his room down the hall...Yes it is unpleasant...but so is Her paddle...and strap...and hairbrush...or worse yet...the bathbrush...No matter what implement Q chooses to use on my bottom...She never takes it easy...NEVER!...And in the end...I'm always grateful to Her for that!

Red said...

K: The cane is best when quiet is needed. However, many implements can be very severe, depending on how they are used. I totally agree with you on that statement. I am, like you, grateful that my wife spanks me.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

This has been a real inspiration for J. as she decided that I needed to be soundly paddled BEFORE we went out to a dinner party at some friends' home - rather than using her paddle or her rattan cane AFTER the event if I had misbehaved over the evening!


Red said...

L: A spanking before going makes certain you are in a good mood.. OR ELSE!!! The warmth of your bottom reminds you that you are loved, and a sly pat from your partner during the night is a thrill.
IT does make me much more willing to go and visit people..
bottoms up