spanky spanky

A little tiff yesterday had a happy ending... Even though we  were alone outside, I raised my Voice, saying CINDY, don't pull those weeds out like that. I had already been ignored when I asked politely. The earth is dry, and unless you use an appropriate tool, you just get the top of the weed, and the root remains intact, to grow even firmer. We had just finished a walk in the neighborhood, when Cindy decided to grab at a couple of weeds.

Once inside, Cindy immediately stated: "in the kitchen...Pants DOWN"... how dare you raise your voice...

Cindy grabbed the soup stirrer, and about twenty spanks later with lecture my bottom was squirming. (that implement is waaaay tooooo effective.) I thanked her for spanking me.
After my spanking was completed, I stated that Cindy should be spanked for ignoring me, and for not being really helpful with the garden. She admitted she knew it was wrong to just pull out the tops of weeds. (hmmmm) Now it was her turn to bend over the counter in the kitchen, with a bare bottom for hand spanks from me.
Last time had been ten spanks, so this time I was permitted to give her 12 spanks without complaint. She might have even enjoyed it a bit.

We cuddled, caressed, and I suggested she take a little freshen up bath, and we could continue amorously.

When she came out of the bath, I asked if she would spank me for a minute with the hairbrush, as my weight is not going down, and a short spanking today would make an expected longer spanking tomorrow even more effective. (Good this idea from Spanked husband's wife).
Although this photo is not us, the smile on the lady matches Cindy's smile.
So, although my bottom was still red, a one minute spanking with the hairbrush ensued.
We used a timer on my watch, which beeps when time is up. A minute is a rather long time, when the spanks are fast and with reasonable strength.
I thanked Cindy again, and then we proceeded to some absolutely fabulous orgasmic sex.

Cuddling afterwards, Cindy remarked how very fortunate we are to  be so in love, and to make love so often. I agreed wholeheartedly.

After a shower today, my bottom was quite red.

Certain another spanking awaits either today or tomorrow.

Happy Spankings (bottoms up)


Anonymous said...

Terrific post and pictures.

Hermione said...

I'm sure those weeds will grow up again and Cindy can remove them the right way. I love your switchin gstories.


otk4us2 said...

Being a switch myself, I love the fact that you and Cindy can switch for both enjoyment or discipline or as in this case both. Then have such a wonderful session of shall we say aftercare... hehe!


Red said...

Joeyred51: glad you liked it, I loved the entire event.
bottoms up

Red said...

Hermione: Cindy is reluctantly, (that is: her sense of what is right and wrong... her being spanked is wrong) embracing the sensuality of the event... Switching is fabulous...we might even someday use a switch :)
happy spankings

Red said...

Dave: the aftercare is absolutely amazing, mind blowing, and better than ever... it is an exciting long lasting foreplay.
Happy Spankings