spanking fun

A couple of days ago, Cindy bathed, and then called me to join her in the bedroom.
When I arrived I found Cindy dressed in a leather bra, and a fabulous pair of stockings. They were crotchless stockings, in a beautiful black to match the bra.

We took a number of fun photos
but only for our private viewing.

Then,  it was time for a spanking, which was delightful with my erection being held between Cindy's stocking clad legs. However delightful, Cindy first used her hand on my bare bottom, then proceeded to have my feet dancing with the bath brush.

Cindy used the technique of a couple of pauses, only to continue the spanking. When completed, I thanked her for the spanking, and we took a couple of pictures of my red bottom, with grey in the middle of the red.

When then made passionate love, and were thoroughly thrilled and exhilarated when we finished.

Have fun, be happy , spank often, and make love even more often.
Happy Spankings


1manview said...

Sounds like you got a head start for the weekend.. A start anyway. you look at it. :)

Red said...

1manview: A definite good start to the weekend.
Happy Spankings

Anonymous said...

A similar view of me over my wife's knee as a female manager and housekeeper walked in on us on our honeymoon. markiee

Red said...

Markiee: I see that you started being spanked immediately after being married. Did your wife spank you before being married. Hopefully they only saw your bottom, but you might have found it a bit difficult to look them in the eye later. I would!
bottoms up