Spanking cartoons from the past (M/F)

The really good old Days  (SEPTEMBER !923 with the lead article should bosses spank their Stenos)

Well, one of the things from the good old days was spanking, and we always saw photos or cartoons of women being spanked by men.
I really like the next one with the "BOTTOMS UP" concept!
Any cartoon magazine, undoubtedly had women being spanked, and was one of the main reasons I used to purchase them when I could afford them...
I certainly wish I had kept them...

bottoms up


sixofthebest said...

I love all the 'spanking cartoons. Especially the one that suggests all boss'ess should spank their steno's. Of course is the answer. Plus their female secretaries, and if be female director's. Yes, up would go their dress, or skirt, down would come their bloomer's be they knicker's or panties. And upon their bare bottom's I would apply a cane or birchrod. Most vigoriously.

Red said...

sixofthe best: glad you liked th eposting..Personally, I would prefer to spank with my hand at least at the beginning, and at the end too feel the warmth.
bottoms up