I have a link to a yahoo group, but I thought I would post about the site once again.


This is an active yahoo group, unlike many that I have found to become inactive.

You can never tell if someone is writing fiction, or their real life experiences, but the correspondences on this site seem to be extremely real, and the moderator definitely is an excellent person with first hand experience, often. The questions .and experiences that  people post have a definite ring of authenticity.

I strongly recommend that if you are thinking of, or are in a domestic discipline environment, and wish to converse with other men in a similar situation, then this is the group to join.

Here is an example posted by the moderator, of his own experience with giving control to his wife, as head of the household, and still trying to top from the bottom. I think it is excellent for every woman to read that has a partner asking to be spanked.

I can attest to the fact that I PERSONALLY think some spankings are too little and too light, but when spanked a few times in a few days, just the thought of another "light" spanking is daunting.

When you read the remaining part, it is written by the moderator of the blog...

"The second punishment that sticks in my mind took place a good 10 years ago or so. We weren't exactly new to the lifestyle, but we were early in the process of instilling it into our everyday life,
and I had a tendency to "top from the bottom" . . . Of course I simply felt I was giving my wife "feedback" on what was effective, etc.

One day, I (foolishly) told her I didn't feel she was spanking me hard enough. Although most wives might respond by grabbing a hairbrush and trying to wail the daylights out of her husband, that is not what my wife did.

In fact, after I mentioned it to her, she never said a word about it for a few days. Then, one night we were sitting at the dinner table after we had finished eating, and she got up from the table, walked over to the pantry and took the calendar off the inside of the door.

 She then put it on the table in front of me and turned it to April, which was about 2 days away if I recall.then gave me a pen and said simply, "Pick 3 days." My immediate reaction was one of intrigue and eroticism. I wondered if perhaps she was planning a special treat or evenings of "hot sex" . . . lol.
I think I circled the 9th, 17th and 29th, or something along those lines. Carefully spreading the 3 days across the calendar.

When I had finished, she looked at the dates, and without saying a word, hung the calendar back on the door of the pantry, and started to walk out of the kitchen. Of course my curiosity had now gotten the best of me and I said, "What was all that about?" She stopped in the hallway and looking back over her shoulder said rather matter of factly, "Those are the 3 days I WON'T be spanking you next month."

My jaw literally hit the table, "What?" Talk about dumbfounded. But by then she had already gone upstairs.

Sure enough, two days later she got me out of bed bright and early(back then she used to work out at 5:30 am and that was also when I was usually spanked), took me downstairs to the basement and gave me a pretty good dose of the paddle.

Some mornings she would actually put me in the corner after a spanking while she rode her Life-cycle, then spank me again just for good measure, but this was not one of those days. After spanking me she told me I could go back to bed, and reminded me that my first "day off" wasn't for several days. True to her word, she stuck to her plan and spanked me every day except the 3 days I had circled on the calendar.
Now the beauty of her plan was that after just the first few days of  being paddled, my bottom was quite sore. Each successive spanking hurt like the dickens, even though she didn't have to spank very hard at all. Of course each and every day when she was paddling my poor bottom she made a point of asking. "Is this hard enough dear?"

Remarkably enough, I never became visibly bruised or or anything like that. I do remember my bottom being constantly sore however. I think the following month she may have spanked me 6 or 7 times, if that. I think by that time I was learning to behave myself, and also realized that my wife seemed to be adjusting quite nicely to her role as Head of Household. That was also the last time I ever complained about how or when she spanked me."
Discussion with others is a positive with spanking. Unfortunately we do not have any friends in a similar lifestyle.

 I chose these photos of a man being paddled, where the woman is dressed for work, but the man is most likely in his house, unclothed, and being spanked. One might be a home office.
Happy Spankings


spankedbywife said...

Yes, Spanked_by_their_Wives is a great group and a fine resource for F/M spanking.

And, as you know, I am often paddled by my fully dressed lady when I am not so fully dressed. However, instead of the OTK positions as most of the pix above, I am usually just bent over our table so she can get a full swing.

Nice pix.


Red said...

Ken: I prefer the contact of being OTK, and also the fact that such a full swing is less possible...
Happy Spankings

Anonymous said...

I am always spanked OTK with a hairbrush and I certainly know who wears the pants in this household. Robin

Red said...

Robin: sounds wonderful to me, but may I suggest you purchase another implement, so your wife has variety to express her point of view!
bottoms up

Tomy Nash said...

Hmmm Might be interesting to rejuvenate this topic. What positions men would "prefer" and what positions they find themselves getting spanking in most often.