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Motto of the day: Always try one new link (at least), but no more than five, or the day will be done... :)

In doing so, I came across this commercial, which is hot for submissive men, and maybe men that are not that submissive.


The blog is entitled: He Rules the roost, she rules the rooster.
The author describes his relationship: I am a thirty something submissive husband married to a wonderful wife. This is my attempt to chronicle our journey together.
He also describes his interests: Female dominance, Male submission, male chastity, female orgasms, orgasm denial, kinky sex, FLR
I have to admit that I don't get the thrill in male chastity, or female chastity!
However, most males would never understand the thrill and erotic sensuous feelings about spanking, whether spanking my wife, or her spanking me.

If you have any interest in simply reading a little about this,  visit this site and enjoy. It is well written. You can start looking at some of the blogs that are suggested by the author. I have yet to find his name, but his wife is called Suzy.

bottoms up (or should I say lock-up time.. and I do NOT mean this in any demeaning manner)

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