new closings (bottoms up)

Having just written about bottomsup2011, i think I will adopt that cute statement to vary my closings of cheers, and happy spankings. (I also like Ronnie's (Love) and Hermione's (hugs).
I have a filter on comments that gives moderation of comments on posts older than three days, so that is why some readers do not see their comment appear immediately. 

I check this feature every day that I am in town, and 99% of the time publish the comment.

What I like about this feature is that it alerts me to any comment even if on a posting two years ago.  I am enjoying going back and seeing these former posts, and I ALWAYS REPLY TO YOUR COMMENTS.You only need to check the appropriate box, if you are using an email account. 

So, enjoy going backwards inthis blog whenever you like... and as this beuatiful lady suggests to you.
Weight has been dropping, by toiling in the hot sun in the garden for two hours, limiting wine consumption (their has to be a better way than this), eating lighter lunches, and more fish. Yummy (:
Bottoms Up

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