ladies waiting

Time for that popular feature, 
 that Andy does so well!
Yes, I am sitting on the spanking chair.....
 isn't that amazing, you think you are about to be spanked!
Does this confirm the idea
kneeling on the floor is a good idea, but a little too late I think!
Yes, we have a guest who wants to watch J spank you
She might even give you another spanking when I am done... so let's get this hair out of the way and get started shall we...
 and remember, this time the spanking is in our house, but if you behave that way again outdoors, then I will spank you on the spot..
  bottoms up
and then the brsuh


ricky said...

What a teasing photo sequence!
As pour moi,
I'd a been a goner, long before,
"OK, gentlemen,
"Start your engines!"

Red said...

rickY: glad you liked the photos. a bientot
bottoms up