Cindy spanked again

Well ,we have a few rules, and I somehow believe they should apply to Cindy as well. whenever she comes into the house, I should come to the door to greet her, and perhaps carry stuff fromthe car when needed.

Yesterday, after shopping for groceries, and also shopping a t Costco, I had a lot to carry in. It took three trips to carry everything to the doorway and place inside, when Cindy finally came running up to help. I had called out i was home, but had received no reply.

Experience has shown it is inappropriate to honk the ho9rn on arriving,a s that will get a person spanked.

Cindy had been engrossed with something on television, in the farthest room from the door, with the door closed.

Cindy apologized, but I stated that she should be spanked. Cindy was not very agreeable, but I offered ten with the bare hand or five with the hairbrush, and I  would be certain to kiss it better...

Groceries away, everything tidy, and I lead Cindy to our bedroom. Cindy was mildly protesting, as I lowered her jeans and panties, and placed her over my knee. a reasonably quick eight spanks and then a pause, and Cindy shouted out "that's eight"... 
 I suggested that she had not counted out each spank as they happened, but she was not buying this line of discussion.

A little tender massaging, and I suggested that if this none greeting behavior happens in the near future, her choice will be ten with the hairbrush, or twenty with the hand.
The last two were solid spanks, and then a little fondling and caressing, some smooching, and a great   romp in bed.

Spankings can be a two way street, and I think everyone should try a different road at least once.
Happy Spankings

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