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This idea came from a tumblr site, but was adapted for TTWD
So  for your good laugh, here is prototype 1.0 for the world's first portable HANDS FREE telephone. It is currently in Beta testing. It can be used while you drive... :)

a Good spanking : let the dancing feet begin

and redden that bottom
and a good  and/or great orgasm

and all is well in the world...
site has some neat things, but some beyond my personal tastes:
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Just Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass

Have you ever heard the expression: He's just blowing smoke up your ass!" Quaint... Charming...
but just where did this come from...  well, here was a kit that they might have used on your caboodle  :)
The tobacco smoke enema was a medical procedure that was widely used in western medicine, during the turn of the 19th century. The treatment included an insufflation of tobacco smoke into the patient’s rectum by enema. The agricultural product of tobacco was recognized as a medicine soon after it was first imported from the New World. During this time, tobacco smoke was widely used by western medical practitioners as a tool against many ailments, including headaches, respiratory failure, stomach cramps, colds and drowsiness. The idea to apply tobacco smoke with an enema was a technique appropriated from the North American Indians.
It was believed that the procedure could treat gut pain, and attempts were often made to resuscitate victims of near drowning. Many medical journals from this time noted that the human body can undergo a stimulation of respiration through the introduction of tobacco smoke by a rectal tube. In fact, by the turn of the 19th century, tobacco smoke enemas had become an established practice in western medicine. The treatment was considered by Humane Societies to be as important as artificial respiration. Meaning, if you stopped breathing, the doctor’s first action was to shove a tube up your rectum and to begin pumping tobacco smoke in your body.

 Tobacco enemas were used to treat hernias and the smoke was often supplemented with other substances, including chicken broth.

According to a report from 1835, tobacco enemas were used successfully to treat cholera during the “stage of collapse”. Attacks on the theories surrounding the ability of tobacco to cure diseases began early in the 17th century, with King James I publicly denouncing the treatment. In 1811, English scientist Benjamin Brodie demonstrated that nicotine, the principal active agent in tobacco smoke, is a cardiac poison that can stop the circulation of blood in animals. This ground breaking report directly led to a quick decline in the use of tobacco smoke enemas in the medical community. By the middle of the 19th century, only a small, select group of medical professional offered the treatment.

You can read more about this and other interesting facts from olden times by clicking on the above link
There are far better things to do with a woman's bottom
than to blow smoke up it..
Best idea  is to spank her bottom until it is smoking hot..
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new wedding ideas

I have been seeing a number of different, to say the least, photos of brides and their bridesmaids.
Some (or most) could obviously be posed for a website, but some look to natural with women that you might meet on a street  locally.
Now, the more adventurous  seem to be  pushing boundaries
and getting back at their friend who choose these bridesmaids colors
and delightfully
so we should celebrate digital cameras
imaginative posturing
 photos of the bride getting dressed
 however how impromptu
posing for helpful methods to handle his wife
party on

 and remember to share those intimate times with your closest friends.... US!!!!
 and those helpful gifts
 Somehow, this one seems improbable, but still realistic....

and of course, one for the  ladies
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ladies waiting

Time for that popular feature, 
 that Andy does so well!
Yes, I am sitting on the spanking chair.....
 isn't that amazing, you think you are about to be spanked!
Does this confirm the idea
kneeling on the floor is a good idea, but a little too late I think!
Yes, we have a guest who wants to watch J spank you
She might even give you another spanking when I am done... so let's get this hair out of the way and get started shall we...
 and remember, this time the spanking is in our house, but if you behave that way again outdoors, then I will spank you on the spot..
  bottoms up
and then the brsuh


high heels for men

Okay, so the hot weather is getting to me...
I like to click on any commenter's blogger name ot see if they have a blog, but also to see what blogs they have joined.
Well, the most recent joiner is wendygrrl, and the spelling of grrl should alert everyone that this is a link to the transgender lifestyle. Everyone may have their own kink, and who am I to object... Many of my  followers I think may join this blog so as to find other members of the transgender lifestyle. (I had originally written scene, but with more openness this is a lifestyle)

When looking at the blogs listed, I found high heels for men!
 I must admit their was a fashion era when I was younger (much younger), where men to be fashionable wore platform shoes. Yes, I wore them, but the fashion changed really quickly, and I was glad it did.

So, if you would like to take a walk on the wilder side...
be certain to also visit:    http://hosieryformen.blogspot.com/
You can even read about mantyhose....
I must admit that I have worn what is called long underwear when snow skiing, but they did not go over your foot.

So, if you want to make a fashion statement at your next event, maybe try one of the above.
Thanks Wendygrrl for the insight your blog list gives everyone.
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