a spanking letter to Cindy

I sent the following letter and picture to Cindy:Hi sweetie:
I love you very very much... I also need to be spanked regularly, and significantly hard, so that i remember the spanking, and become less stressed.

how about you spank me and then make love, or we make love and the spanking later in the day to be even more effective...


Cindy opened the letter later that day, and when I arrived home, she stated she had received my letter, and agreed that it had been too long since my last spanking. I replied that if she wanted, she could do it any day soon. Cindy responded rather peeved that: What is it with you, you ask to be spanked, then want to avoid being spanked until some other day. I apologized, and stated as much as I need one, the thought is exciting, but not so exciting when it is time to be spanked.

Cindy "We will do the spanking a little later today."

Later, Cindy decided it was time, and she choose to use the leather heart shaped studded paddle, and the hurley stick.

The SPANKING was bare bottom, over her knee, with Cindy enjoying tucking my erection firmly between her thighs, before beginning. The open legs when I am bare bottomed, means she is going to enjoy herself, and that starts with tucking me in.
The spanking was exactly what I needed, many spanks with strength, many on the same spot until my feet were dancing, and a few pauses for good measure when the lecture was being given. Although we have tried spanking for losing weight, we usually have not continued the spanking for more than a week or two. This time Cindy is serious, as the level of spanking showed. I will need to start losing weight for my health. I could lose five to ten pounds and still be somewhat overweight, but not much. The goal is five pounds at least, and I need to lose a half pound every week.We then moved to the Hurley stick, which packs its own wallop. A couple of puases also occurred, to lecture before continuing.When finished, Cindy had me look in the mirror, and then I thanked her for the spanking. My bottom was completely fire engine red, everywhere.

We then proceeded to have another fantastic sexual interlude.

Do you follow spankings with sex????

Happy Spankings


Spanky said...

Let me be the first to say "Ouch!"

I love your blog, and I get a ton of traffic from here, which I greatly appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, warm, wonderful images and comments: keep bending over and keep posting.

Thank you so, so much. jm

otk4us2 said...

Great post, I love it, and especially that second picture of the Lady with red shoes sitting on the stool. What an inviting place that would be to get a good sound spanking :)


Njspank said...

Amazing post, thanks for sharing, wow

Red said...

I do believe I was the first to say ouch, and much more... My pleasure to send traffic your way, hope they leave comments ...Happy Spankings

Red said...

jm: I will, and I will
Happy spankings

Red said...

Dave: glad you liked the post... I loved the experience.. that lap does look enticing
happy spankings

Red said...

njspank: glad you liked the post, and you are right