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Ronnie had a wonderful post that you might like to look at.

It made me think, and I believe you might also.


My thinking:
Opening up to Cindy about spanking when we retired, and no children living at home, permitted a new lease on life. Prior to talking about spanking, I doubt that we really ever talked about sex. Life responsibilities,stress, married for over 30 years, always being quiet late at night making love, has a great ability to remove a lot of the passion.

Spanking allowed us to solve stresses when we retired together, and now lived together 24/7. It is totally different than when you both went to work, did chores, etc... you get the picture.
Why is sex better now than before we used spanking.
1. Spanking solves problems that were argued at length before. It is not who is right or wrong, simply give in and solve the problem.

2. Almost every spanking has resulted in my being immediately erect before the spanking... a wonderful experience. Cindy has developed a similar erotic reaction by many times feeling moist.

3. Almost every spanking has lead to making love either immediately afterwards, or later that night.

Therefore, spankings have been increased, as has our sex life.

I would say on average about two spankings a week in good weeks, and occasional few spanks other days. Thus, that is making love twice a week at a bare minimum.

Add to that making love because we are simply feeling romantic, and I would say we average, when at home, having sex about every second or third day.(three times a week), and sometimes more on vacation...

And it is glorious... see other posts about increasing blood flow, helpful to the heart, relieving stress, and just feeling more together.
Aside: we made love, passionately, after lunch today, as we both feeling horny, and did something about it.(in the KITCHEN) change the room, change the experience.

What are your thoughts?


our sex and spanking life

Has SPANKING increased your sex life


yes, I am male and I am spanked
yes, I am female and I am spanked
yes, I am male and I do the spanking
yes, I am the female and I do the spanking
no,I am male and I am spanked
no, I am female and I am spanked
no,  I am male and I do the spanking
no,  I am female and I do the spanking

Happy Spankings



ronnie said...

Good post Red. I must admit our sex life was pretty good before the spanking but since we definitely have sex more and have tried many a different methods and ways.

Thanks for the mention Red.

Hope you have a fun weekend.


Hermione said...

Wow! Every second day! Good thing you're retired and have time for it. I hope that doesn't mean you both neglect the housework:)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We started spanking before we married, so I can't say it increased our rate of sex without spanking, but I suspect it did. I know it helps awaken things in our later life for sure.

Red said...

Ronnie: agreed, our sex life was good before, but now it is spectacular... Have a great weekend, and as only a friend can say, I hope you get spanked...

Red said...

Hermione: define housework... if that gets in the way, you must be dong something wrong...
Define retirement... New England lobster dinners, fine California wine, travel, a little workout int he gym or the garden, ..life is a lot of fun.. Have a great weekend, and I hope you also get spanked.... you deserve the best..

Red said...

i totally agree with you, as it awakens many feelings (and sore bottoms), solves problems, and makes one aware of what makes your partner happy or unhappy.
We have friends that are unfortunately overweight, and have basically given up on making love... too much bother (sounds like Winnie the Pooh).. not for us... and even more unfortunate where one partner has had a severe stroke, so who knows what life brings, so have fun, and may you also be spanked this weekend..

Red said...

A small comment.. I usually post daily, and see great numbers of people visiting, but wonder if they ever really stay. Most don't.. the poll has had only 66 responses after 1.5 days of being there...
oh well, spank and be happy..
Get spanked is a better greeting than get stuffed!
smiling always