positions to be spanked: using tables

These photos come from the http://spanked2tears.tumblr.com/ site.

How to use a table that is handy when you decide to spank your partner. It has been suggested that for discipline spankings, the physical contact of over the knee gives the wrong idea.Personally, I love the OTK position, but variety changes and enhances the experience.

When bent over, or leaning on a table, the spanker has much greater space to use other implements like larger paddles, or canes, etc...you can find yourself bracing yourself with straight arms, as the paddle crashes into your bottomYou might be lieing on the table with your stomach resting, and on your tip toes....
You might just be leaning forward slightly,s o that your bottom sticks out nicely for the cane..
there is always the feet spread apart
or even very far apart while your upper body is resting on the table (if you can call this a restful position happy spankings


Njspank said...

Hot pics, bottoms and ladies but I still prefer otk.

Anonymous said...

rupper body? You should be spanked for that mistake! Love your blog!


Red said...

ah..but sometimes you deserve a more thorough spanking, with less pleasure...
Happy SPankings

Red said...

mr warm buns: the error has been corrected.. glad you love the blog

Anonymous said...

J. (and N. before her) have bent me many times over the breakfast table (or over the kitchen counters) for a brief, but energetic session with the kitchen spoon or spatula, the martinet, the maple switches (and, occasionally, the carpet beater) when dissatisfied with the way I perform - in skimpy attire - the chores that I have been assigned on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Anonymous said...

...and the weekend is just around the corner! You know what that means!