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It's all a matter of perspective ! Keep Your Mind Out Of The Gutter
did you see the EYE!!!and I have a few more to post as the days go by...so enjoy being called over your partners lapyou don't really have a choicehappy spankings


overherlap said...

That is definitely a good looking spanker seated in the chair, who would not come and go over that lap when she beckons?


Anonymous said...

Hey Red - Great blog which I often 'lurk' around and also use the excellent links to other blogs and sites that you supply. Few that I respect and this is definetly one of them - Thank You.

I am in a spanking relationship and as such have been called to account on many occassions both in fun and on occassions not so, she who knows how to keep me in line uses discipline to very good affect - and it keeps me in line.

Will try not to be infrequent with any comments - Thanks again


Njspank said...

The lap with the white panty, oh lord!

Red said...

Dave: approach with caution... :)

Red said...

J: thanks for the praise.. now my face is red... I totally agree that spankings for fun and for discipline is a win win situation

Red said...

your bottom will be a stark contrast to that shade when she is finished