otk and s e x

On the home bottom, there has been one more session of spanking followed by wonderful sex.

The spanking was needed because we had become exhausted, and by the end of the day, were over the top, so to speak.We were exhausted, and somewhat sharp with each other, and went to bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The problem, we did not cuddle, and tell each other we love each other, before going to sleep.
Thus, both of us did not have a good night's sleep.Later the next day, this was dealt with.Old reliable (a wooden spanking implement ( from the DWC website ) [then click on shopping mall] has been sparsely used in recent memory, so it's effectiveness was felt..Many spanks were given, and as the last few were emphatically brought home, I was reminded that weigh in is fast approaching, and another spanking will immediately result. I will be spanked regardless of weight, but it will either be a fun one, or a disciplinary one.

When informed the spanking was over, I thanked Cindy, and then we cuddled for the one that had been omitted, and then caressed and made love exquisitely. Our love making occurs normally before dinner, so can be sensual and long lasting.... just like the sore bottom that remains for at least the evening if not longer.Hopefully your spankings, whether receiving or giving, and sometimes the old adage is best: it is better to give than to receive, are as frequent as you both desire.

The first photo looks exactly like my expression, and the second is somewhat the shade of my bottom when Cindy is finished spanking me.

Happy Spankings


ricky said...

On the first photo, all I can say is,
you can look, but don't touch, and all that.
Tease and denial, eh, what?

Red said...

true... red