Naughty little writer

As Hermione has stated to me, I like posting about new blogs that I find. Bonnie is the best at advertising, but I find it is fun to look at, comment about, and send hopefully some traffic to new sites. (The sites at least are new to me,even though many if not most other spankers already know about the sites.)
Today's is : "Naughty Little Writer"

Penelope has 100 posts at the time of my writing this, and most of what she writes is fiction. I am happy to know when a person is writing FICTION, as the scenarios can be far fetched and the reader can enjoy them, as fiction.

However, some are real life experiences (I believe)!
Here is one real life episode:


Penelope describes herself:P About me

Well, let's see. I'm a girl...

...one who lives in England, likes to dress in school uniform (amongst other things) and play sexy games...

What kind of games?

Kinky ones of course! I enjoy all kinds of corporal punishment, I love roleplay and am really quite keen on bondage. And of course sex (lashings and lashings of hard, filthy sex) is the very best thing of all.

As if that wasn't quite enough wickedness, I also write naughty stories about all of the above. What a disgraceful young lady I am...

...somebody should give me a damned good spanking!


I hope her boyfriend is giving her lots of different spankings, that she can share with us. I would be thrilled to give her a damned good spanking, but she lives on the other side of the pond, so to speak...
(And why couldn't I meet such a fun loving girl earlier in life... just as an young adult experiment, before meeting my wonderful Cindy...

PS: Penelope has a book published.. of spanking stories!
Happy Spankings


Penelope said...

Oh wow! Thanks, Red! And thank you for the offer of a spanking - what a gentleman you are! xx

Hermione said...

Penelope's blog is one of my daily reads. I might even look into ordering her book.


Red said...

Penelope: Hopefully I can drive some traffic to your site, and being a gentleman, I would always like to do whatever she suggests, if it sounds safe and consensual.. You can pretend the next spanking you receive is from me... smiling

Red said...

Hermione: I am starting to look there now and then... but really, are you on the internet spanking blogs for an entire day... Ron might have to deal with that... smiling from ear to ear
Happy spankings