leading your man to be spanked

Time for a few photos that GRASP the idea that the woman can be in CONTROL if she chooses. You can tell that he is NOT reluctant, but maybe apprehensive!and if you are outdoors when he misbehaves and company is around, grasp tightly and leadyou could spank him on the spot, or happily lead him indoors
where your implements of chastisement residejust let your friends know that you will be back soon
but if two guests misbehave, be decisive..
and spank away for everyone's goodHappy Spankings


ricky said...

I just luv Eva Green!
That look!
(OK, I'm toast, but i luv it!!!)

Anonymous said...

Great set of posts red - My better half will be leading me later this evening following a host of transgressions, driving tomorrow so siting comfortably is going to be a challenge .... as my wife said, I should behave myself.

Happy posting


Red said...

glad you like the picture...I did not know the name.. and google Eva Green certainly has strong looking stern photos of a beautiful woman.
happy spankings

Red said...

J: life is always a learning experience, and some things need to be re-unforced domestically. The drive will be another wonderful reminder of your wonderful wife.
Happy spankings

cravatman said...

anger management: thats the best!

Red said...

solves many problems