lap to bend over

Thought a post today would be a little collection of laps to bend over.
In a consensual spanking relationship, your partner is always happy to spank you.
Your spankings are given with love, and sometimes even a heart shaped paddle.
They can be out of the blue, with your not knowing in advance you are about to be spanked..
but seeing the look in her eyesand the fact that she is sitting on the chair where you are often spankedyou know what your immediate future will be.. Your eyes may drop and see the implement that will be usedyou may not even see your partner's face as the implement sends a liyttle shiver down your backbut when you look back up: the smile seals the dealso one last lookcome hereand now let us get those pants downit is bare bottom time
Start dancingpleasant dreams


overherlap said...
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overherlap said...

Oops I needed to proof read!

Very nice selection of laps to go over, I would not mind road testing all of them.... hehe. But there is just something about the third one from the top that really gets my attention ;))

Njspank said...

I would love the lady in the red top with the brush in her hand, please.

spankedbywife said...

There is something erotic about a Ladie's lap, especially if you are about to 'enjoy' a trip over it.

Nice post, Red.

Red said...

overthelap: Raod testing would be fun, if spaced by many weeks inbetween. I think they all would get your attention. smiles Red

Red said...

too bad you could not get it on a doctor's prescription... and cover the cost with your mental health care policy! smiles

Red said...

very true... glad you liked the post
Happy trips across the lap..