Improbable Fun f/m spanking blog

A new blog, or at least one that I had not known of, is worth visiting for those readers who enjoy humor,and F/M spanking scenarios. OOPS: The blog started in 2010, and has over 225 different posts...

The author is NICK, a Canadian who is into spanking. The fun, consensual adult kind. "I mostly like to be on the receiving end. I'm married to a wonderful woman."(wonder if he lives near Hermione, but Canada is a rather large country.)   Sounds like Canadians and Americans are very similar, at least some of us anyways.

Nick joined as a follower of my blog, and I have become a follower of his.

His blog is: http://improbablefun.blogspot.com/

One neat thing of his  blog, is that you can see it in many formats... (classic, flipcard, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, flashcard, or time-slide.

here is a sample post...  Sounds very much like some of the spankings in our house...

"Maybe a spanking will help, " mused Rita when she noticed my foul mood.

It certainly did. After being ordered out of my jeans, Rita put me over the edge of our queen sized bed, bare ass to the air.

For the second time that week, I felt the full wrath of her hairbrush on my rapidly reddening cheeks

Laying down the law certainly turned her on. Her vagina was the tightest, wettest I'd ever experienced.

After the sex, I was made to clean the house while Rita relaxed with a glass of wine.

Happy spankings


overherlap said...

In other words you had a wonderful day Red! Love the picture :)


Red said...

Overherlap: posting was not about Cindy and myself, but it applies totally
Happy Spankings

Nick said...

Thanks Red. I don't know where Hermione lives, she only indicates Canada. But I am in Toronto

Hermione said...

Yes, Improbable Fun is a pretty good blog, and as you mention, it's fun to be able to view it in different ways. I haven't heard any smacking in our neighbourhood so I think Nick is a bit farther away from where we live.


Red said...

Never give too much information, but a pleasure to mention your blog and add it to my list.
Happy Spankings

Red said...

Hermione: Yes, probably far away as Canada is quite big... but it would be fun to be neighbors...