Happiness is a rosy bottom

A interesting site you might like to visit is http://www.rosybottom.com/ if you are in the mood to send a spanking related e-card for free to your partner.The site has many other interesting spanking implements, and we may decide to purchase one in the future.
If you look on the right hand column, you will see postcards. Click there, and then see some very attractive spanking cards for him and for her, either stating some version of you are going to be spanked, or the person requesting a spanking.
Don't wait. Why not send one to your partner today... and hopefully they will not open it with friends around at the office... Be careful, the inbox will show rosy bottom naughty sp...., at least in hotmail..
Another idea is to simply copy the picture and save it, then send it in an email with the message open in private. You can be reasonably assurred that you will either be giving a spanking, or receiving one soon.

Happy Spankings

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