Cindy believed I was grumpy when family was over on the weekend, and said so as soon as they left. She said she knew I was tired, and had a cold that I was fighting off, but it was not acceptable to be grumpy, and she felt I had been rude to her.

She stated she was going to deal with it immediately, and I was going to be spanked!

Go to the bedroom!

When she arrived a few moments later, I had already  moved the spanking chair out for her. She sat down firmly. I proceeded to get her shoes to raise her legs for me to bend over.

She stated get something that is effective, so I retrieved the bath brush.

Bare bottomed, but standing in front of her,she lectured about my general grumpiness and rudeness.

Then it was over her knee, for a hot prolonged spanking.
 The bath brush can be very effective, and it was. This is the old Vermont country store bath brush, that has long since been unavailable. It makes one wonder how many have been used for the shower, and how many have been used only for spankings.

I changed carefully at the gym on Sunday, as my recently spanked bottom was probably quite red after showering.

At least the spanking solved the problem, and we were back on a more even keel throughout the day.

Happy Spankings


ricky said...

You could've said you were about to be Sneezy,
but no, come to think of it, that wouldn't have saved you either.

spankedbywife said...

Isn't it great the way a spanking will put your ship back on an even Keel! I, too got spanked just yesterday for grumpy and rude behavior. We both felt much better afterwards.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Red said...

Maybe best to say I was DOPEY, but then again, the spanking solved the problem... and i will try harder in any future similar situation

Red said...

Ken: we are not perfect, but a spanking does set us onthe correct course. REd

Anonymous said...

Being "grumpy" earned me my first trip across N's lap - we were not yet married at the time! - and, over the years, other bouts of "grumpiness" (fortunately few and far between!) have been dealt with in the same way - by N., and later by J.


Red said...

Spanking is the best solution for anyone who is grumpy, and an adult.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Over the years, L. has learned to control his "grumpiness" - but there are many other misdemeanors that call for appropriate (and stern) discipline!