far better fem dom captions

I have only now realized that a far better site for femdom captions exist.

 The previous site I suggested had some, but also had too much brutality. Your imagination is the aphrodisiac!!!!!!!

Then near the end, I found tons that were re-posted from the following site.


It opens with the title Decadent Pleasures
The owner writes:

Submissive gentleman hankering for dominant females...

Needless to say, but all content is adult only and no claims are made on the ownership of most of the content."

 So, I suggest you visit this site, for more tasteful and thoughtfully imaginative posts...

Happy Spankings


ronnie said...

Did you do the captions Red?


Red said...

Ronnie: No, I have just copied art from the site.... this site uses your imagination, which can be far better than just seeing a spanked bottom...

Banjo said...

Fun captions, and fun memories... stuff like this (and 'fakes') on my old 'Starstruck Spanking' Yahoo group was how I first started out online many years ago, long before I did art or stories.

I love F/M spanky dialog captions, though my faves are celebrity captions... :D

Red said...

Banjo: thanks for dropping by. What I like about this site is the pictures are of everyday people, in natural surroundings, with the spanking F/M concept being discussed, (or should i say promised immediately), and the looks on the face are matched to the text.
Happy spankings