do you take pictures

Ronnie had a wonderful question that has received lots of replies, so I thought I would continue her thoughts.. for my blog..

You can see Ronnie's question: Do you look in the mirror after you have been spanked to see the redness of your bottom?? Why not jump over to her site and respond for her...


My question is: have you ever taken pictures of yourself being spanked, or at least in the spanking position, and have you ever had your partner take pictures of your spanked bottom, for your private enjoyment.

My answer is yes. We have a couple of pictures of myself over Cindy's knees, as we were in a hotel room with aa full length mirror covering half of a wall. Also, a number of pictures of my spanked bottom, and a couple of Cindy's spanked bottom. These are never for public display, although Ronnie has generously shown a few pictures of her spanked bottom..(absolutely lovely and charming)

Thank goodness for digital cameras and computers!!!!!
Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

Hi Red, I've already answered the first question about the mirror and in the absense of mirrors trying to look over you're shoulder. As for camera's and photos, that's a yes too. C regularly takes photos of her handiwork both for her amusement and for the blog and I take them of her reddended rear too. This is what digital cameras and smart phones were made for.

ronnie said...

Hello Red, Oh definitely yes. I tried to take one of my bottom to send to P but didn't work out too well. P often takes a picture and we now have quite a collection:) Thanks for the mention.

Thanks Disciplinedboyfriend for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.


Hermione said...

We have never taken a picture of my bottom. Maybe if I get a tripod and practise getting into just the right position, I could take one. I usually check the mirror, but wouldn't it be lovely to have a full-length one, so I wouldn't have to stand on tiptoe to see the results.


Red said...

disciplined boyfriend: Photos and mirrors are fun to look at, and keep the warmth alive. I only now realize I should have put a poll. Glad to know you both are spanked. Will visit your blog shortly and post about it..Happy spankings

Red said...

Ronnie: All your readers definitely thank P for taking those photos, and for you publishing a few of them... Lovely

Red said...

Hermione: I hope you will ask Ron to take pictures the next time you are spanked, of your reddened bottom. They would be great keepsakes to look at ten years form now when you will be just as beautiful as now. Plus, with all your shopping trips, time for a full length mirror, to put on the back of your bedroom door.