discipline spanking for REAL

Well, my weight had not changed in two weeks, but I thought extenuating circumstances would prevail... They DID NOT!!!!

I must lose at least 1/2 a pound a week and keep it off. The weight is currently 183.5 lbs, and I am 5'10". Not terribly overweight, the legs are very athletic, but the stomach has grown too large.

We have never really had a significant discipline session...

Knowing that this was coming, I searched again for the two canes I had hidden when people were gong to stay in our house while we were away. Being forgetful,I thought I knew, but could not find them for the last six months. This time, I searched, took things out of boxes, and found them.

I found the

Hollerin' Hollow"

Hollerin' Hollow is a 28" long cane with a stiff character. It's impact is approximately twice that of other canes and it possesses an authority that announces "this is punishment, young man." The woman who wields Hollerin' Hollow will be well served in her efforts to build character in her husband. She will definitely receive the respect she demands.
and one other cane that we own... The above is a description from the

Go to the shopping mall to order, and it will arrive in the mail, without any indication that what it really is. (Might say gardening stakes)

Cindy waited a day, as other things were more pressing in our lives. Yesterday, Cindy stated that she would spank me before dinner.

The eroticism of knowing I would be spanked as discipline, was both erotic and daunting.

Before dinner, Cindy first took a shower, then called me to our bedroom.. The erotic nature was winning.

Cindy however, was committed to the discipline nature of this spanking... Cindy stated she would do the talking, and I would do the listening... no discussion!!!The lecture came first, and then Cindy asked me to get the cane. We have rarely used this, and Cindy is tentative but learning...

Cindy remarked, when I disrobed, that it was a shame that erection was going to disappear...I positioned myself on the bed, with pillows underneath to raise my bottom. Cindy first rubbed the cane backwards and forwards over my bottom, then gave many short strokes, that were light. She remarked that my bottom was getting red, and she increased the intensity of some of the strokes, getting a small utterance of pain by me. A few harder strokes, and Cindy stopped.

We both agreed that this had not been significant, so a better position will be tried in the future. I suggested I kneel on the bed, and Cindy use the bath brush quick and hard for 30 seconds or a minute non-stop. She thought this was a good idea...

As tentative as Cindy had been with the cane, this was the exact opposite... One hard spank with arm action followed almost instantly by the next had me immediately counting to lesson the effect, but after five in five or less seconds I knew I needed to stop counting, or the spanks stopped my counting. By what might have been fifteen seconds I was just concentrating on maintaining my position and not moving out of it, and gasping. Cindy probably spanked for only 30 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity.

When she said that the spanking was finished, I thanked her, and we cuddled, and she commented how my erection had totally disappeared. I was permitted to look in the mirror and the grey area was significant in the middle of my reddened bottom. Not all of the bottom was red, as being in the positions own, other parts were simply bone, and one can never use wood on bones.

We then proceeded to make love, which was exquisite, with a mixture of bondage(as described recently), oral , and major screwing, with Cindy on top grinding my sore and hot bottom into the bed.

This is the hardest Cindy has ever spanked me, and I will be losing weight for certain...

We will experiment with more effective positions, but kneeling on the bed was terribly effective...

My bottom is still significantly sore today, and I am certain will be red after my shower.Happy (?) Spankings


Hermione said...

Wow! Good for Cindy! Canes can be formidable implements, and I'm glad that she knew exactly what you needed.

Maybe she should hang it over the fridge as a warning if you are tempted to have a snack:)


Red said...

hermione: now, now, I thought you were a FRIEND, not a fiend. Remember in life to celebrate, not be celebate....
The R is very important...
Happy Spankings

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Cindy was holding back on the cane, as she is not used to using it. Where as the bath brush fits her like a glove.
Being on your knees on the bed and getting spanked with the bath brush can really set your bottom on fire. I'm glad she carried thru with the punishment. I've never really been punish spanked and I hope I don't earn one.

Red said...

archedone; I am glad she held back a little, but depends on her mood... Glad your spankings are only for fun, as they are strong enough as it is.
bottoms up