A cute site,   http://www.wyredslave.com  that could be fun if you had another couple that you shared your kink with... Imagine the two people that are usually the spanked person wearing a collar.

We do not share our kink with any friends, which is unfortunate for me, but Cindy is probably not really interested in sharing my kink.

She is always interested in meeting new people, however, so if we ever drive to our northern neighbors, it could be interesting.

This site has collars. It seems like a fun kink idea, but really cannot ever imagine wearing a collar like they sell outside of the house.

They are having a booth at a fair in Birmingham, England in May. Maybe Ronnie might drop by.

Happy spankings


disciplined behaviour

I have been remiss in not establishing a link to a blog that is very interesting. The blog is by Micheal M., and he lives in London England.

Micheal's blog is http://disciplinedbehaviour.blogspot.com

"The life and times and occasional tales of a Male Spanko who handed over control to his wife and enjoys the consequence of submissive desires. Please stop by if you are interested in spanking in general and in F/M as an interest."

One good event to read would be

The site has almost 100 posts, and is worth a visit frequently.

Happy Spankings


mostly F/M pictures

Nothing beats tumblr sites for pictures of spankings....

I could spend hours looking and saving website locations, and saving pictures for future use.

However, that would be a bit of a waste of existence, so I am limiting myself to a new site a day, with a maximum of 30 minutes....

Fm OTK SPANKINGS in one tumblr site, that has some pictures you may have seen before, but many new ones, as they are always being produced.

One wonders why anyone would pay to join a spanking website, when so much is readily and easily available for free.

About 8 years ago, I joined one site, and now when looking back at some of those pictures, the word LAME comes readily to mind. I was only a member for one month.

So here is today's site to visit....


I suggest you scroll down the archive for about a month, because the site has a large amount of foot fetish at the moment. Having over 588 pages, the majority of whicih is f/m women should interest many readers. 


Happy Spankings



Sexaholic / spankaholic POLL

Ronnie had a wonderful post that you might like to look at.

It made me think, and I believe you might also.


My thinking:
Opening up to Cindy about spanking when we retired, and no children living at home, permitted a new lease on life. Prior to talking about spanking, I doubt that we really ever talked about sex. Life responsibilities,stress, married for over 30 years, always being quiet late at night making love, has a great ability to remove a lot of the passion.

Spanking allowed us to solve stresses when we retired together, and now lived together 24/7. It is totally different than when you both went to work, did chores, etc... you get the picture.
Why is sex better now than before we used spanking.
1. Spanking solves problems that were argued at length before. It is not who is right or wrong, simply give in and solve the problem.

2. Almost every spanking has resulted in my being immediately erect before the spanking... a wonderful experience. Cindy has developed a similar erotic reaction by many times feeling moist.

3. Almost every spanking has lead to making love either immediately afterwards, or later that night.

Therefore, spankings have been increased, as has our sex life.

I would say on average about two spankings a week in good weeks, and occasional few spanks other days. Thus, that is making love twice a week at a bare minimum.

Add to that making love because we are simply feeling romantic, and I would say we average, when at home, having sex about every second or third day.(three times a week), and sometimes more on vacation...

And it is glorious... see other posts about increasing blood flow, helpful to the heart, relieving stress, and just feeling more together.
Aside: we made love, passionately, after lunch today, as we both feeling horny, and did something about it.(in the KITCHEN) change the room, change the experience.

What are your thoughts?


our sex and spanking life

Has SPANKING increased your sex life


yes, I am male and I am spanked
yes, I am female and I am spanked
yes, I am male and I do the spanking
yes, I am the female and I do the spanking
no,I am male and I am spanked
no, I am female and I am spanked
no,  I am male and I do the spanking
no,  I am female and I do the spanking

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Cindy believed I was grumpy when family was over on the weekend, and said so as soon as they left. She said she knew I was tired, and had a cold that I was fighting off, but it was not acceptable to be grumpy, and she felt I had been rude to her.

She stated she was going to deal with it immediately, and I was going to be spanked!

Go to the bedroom!

When she arrived a few moments later, I had already  moved the spanking chair out for her. She sat down firmly. I proceeded to get her shoes to raise her legs for me to bend over.

She stated get something that is effective, so I retrieved the bath brush.

Bare bottomed, but standing in front of her,she lectured about my general grumpiness and rudeness.

Then it was over her knee, for a hot prolonged spanking.
 The bath brush can be very effective, and it was. This is the old Vermont country store bath brush, that has long since been unavailable. It makes one wonder how many have been used for the shower, and how many have been used only for spankings.

I changed carefully at the gym on Sunday, as my recently spanked bottom was probably quite red after showering.

At least the spanking solved the problem, and we were back on a more even keel throughout the day.

Happy Spankings


Naughty little writer

As Hermione has stated to me, I like posting about new blogs that I find. Bonnie is the best at advertising, but I find it is fun to look at, comment about, and send hopefully some traffic to new sites. (The sites at least are new to me,even though many if not most other spankers already know about the sites.)
Today's is : "Naughty Little Writer"

Penelope has 100 posts at the time of my writing this, and most of what she writes is fiction. I am happy to know when a person is writing FICTION, as the scenarios can be far fetched and the reader can enjoy them, as fiction.

However, some are real life experiences (I believe)!
Here is one real life episode:


Penelope describes herself:P About me

Well, let's see. I'm a girl...

...one who lives in England, likes to dress in school uniform (amongst other things) and play sexy games...

What kind of games?

Kinky ones of course! I enjoy all kinds of corporal punishment, I love roleplay and am really quite keen on bondage. And of course sex (lashings and lashings of hard, filthy sex) is the very best thing of all.

As if that wasn't quite enough wickedness, I also write naughty stories about all of the above. What a disgraceful young lady I am...

...somebody should give me a damned good spanking!


I hope her boyfriend is giving her lots of different spankings, that she can share with us. I would be thrilled to give her a damned good spanking, but she lives on the other side of the pond, so to speak...
(And why couldn't I meet such a fun loving girl earlier in life... just as an young adult experiment, before meeting my wonderful Cindy...

PS: Penelope has a book published.. of spanking stories!
Happy Spankings


Improbable Fun f/m spanking blog

A new blog, or at least one that I had not known of, is worth visiting for those readers who enjoy humor,and F/M spanking scenarios. OOPS: The blog started in 2010, and has over 225 different posts...

The author is NICK, a Canadian who is into spanking. The fun, consensual adult kind. "I mostly like to be on the receiving end. I'm married to a wonderful woman."(wonder if he lives near Hermione, but Canada is a rather large country.)   Sounds like Canadians and Americans are very similar, at least some of us anyways.

Nick joined as a follower of my blog, and I have become a follower of his.

His blog is: http://improbablefun.blogspot.com/

One neat thing of his  blog, is that you can see it in many formats... (classic, flipcard, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, flashcard, or time-slide.

here is a sample post...  Sounds very much like some of the spankings in our house...

"Maybe a spanking will help, " mused Rita when she noticed my foul mood.

It certainly did. After being ordered out of my jeans, Rita put me over the edge of our queen sized bed, bare ass to the air.

For the second time that week, I felt the full wrath of her hairbrush on my rapidly reddening cheeks

Laying down the law certainly turned her on. Her vagina was the tightest, wettest I'd ever experienced.

After the sex, I was made to clean the house while Rita relaxed with a glass of wine.

Happy spankings


A reason to be pleasant - spanking

A quick post... last night we were going out with friends for dinner, but they can be tiresome if you let them natter on forever.

We have learned to re-direct conversations, and they are learning not to go into such extensive bloody inane detail...

I am learning to be more aware and try to guide the conversation onto new topics, and if one starts to bog down, simply to move it away from politics or problems, and more toward happy thoughts.

To keep me in the happy thoughts mode, I asked Cindy to give me a quick spanking that would be effective before we left.

I took out the cane, and lowered my pants and underwear, but remained standing. This gives Cindy more fleshy parts (her words) to cane. I suggested three would be sufficient, but Cindy enjoyed herself giving five quick smart cane strokes.

Cindy used the cane stronger than last time, and there were three red tramlines that showed three of the five were stronger. I think the look of satisfactin on this woman's face in the photo was very similar to Cindy's when she was finished.

I think that the first ever really discipline spanking has shown her that her efforts should get an immediate reaction, and be effective. To be effective, the spanking should grab my attention, beyond the erotic.

I felt them while sitting during the meal, and the evening went quite well.

Happy Spankings


far better fem dom captions

I have only now realized that a far better site for femdom captions exist.

 The previous site I suggested had some, but also had too much brutality. Your imagination is the aphrodisiac!!!!!!!

Then near the end, I found tons that were re-posted from the following site.


It opens with the title Decadent Pleasures
The owner writes:

Submissive gentleman hankering for dominant females...

Needless to say, but all content is adult only and no claims are made on the ownership of most of the content."

 So, I suggest you visit this site, for more tasteful and thoughtfully imaginative posts...

Happy Spankings


stupid changes

They have totally screwed up blogger...
It will take me a while to be able to understand what they have done...
the look is the same to readers, but I cannot at the moment get at past posts to EDIT them


femdom captions

So many people have tumblr accounts, and post so many different ideas and photos.Given any site, some of the photos may be wonderful, and some may not be shall we say "your cup of Tea"Some of the thoughts expressed are extreme, to say the least, but many are very erotic to the mind, but would never be in reality.
The site started in October 2011, and has an archive feature to let you skim to see the pictures, but obviously too small to read the text. You would need to click on the picture to obtain a new window and read the text...

A better feature is that you can just scroll downwards, and older entries automatically appear, thus they are bigger than archive mode.
So, avoid the extreme, but enjoy the fantasy... (that is sort of like saying enjoy the fun spankings, and avoid the discipline ones!)Happy Spankings

discipline spanking for REAL

Well, my weight had not changed in two weeks, but I thought extenuating circumstances would prevail... They DID NOT!!!!

I must lose at least 1/2 a pound a week and keep it off. The weight is currently 183.5 lbs, and I am 5'10". Not terribly overweight, the legs are very athletic, but the stomach has grown too large.

We have never really had a significant discipline session...

Knowing that this was coming, I searched again for the two canes I had hidden when people were gong to stay in our house while we were away. Being forgetful,I thought I knew, but could not find them for the last six months. This time, I searched, took things out of boxes, and found them.

I found the

Hollerin' Hollow"

Hollerin' Hollow is a 28" long cane with a stiff character. It's impact is approximately twice that of other canes and it possesses an authority that announces "this is punishment, young man." The woman who wields Hollerin' Hollow will be well served in her efforts to build character in her husband. She will definitely receive the respect she demands.
and one other cane that we own... The above is a description from the

Go to the shopping mall to order, and it will arrive in the mail, without any indication that what it really is. (Might say gardening stakes)

Cindy waited a day, as other things were more pressing in our lives. Yesterday, Cindy stated that she would spank me before dinner.

The eroticism of knowing I would be spanked as discipline, was both erotic and daunting.

Before dinner, Cindy first took a shower, then called me to our bedroom.. The erotic nature was winning.

Cindy however, was committed to the discipline nature of this spanking... Cindy stated she would do the talking, and I would do the listening... no discussion!!!The lecture came first, and then Cindy asked me to get the cane. We have rarely used this, and Cindy is tentative but learning...

Cindy remarked, when I disrobed, that it was a shame that erection was going to disappear...I positioned myself on the bed, with pillows underneath to raise my bottom. Cindy first rubbed the cane backwards and forwards over my bottom, then gave many short strokes, that were light. She remarked that my bottom was getting red, and she increased the intensity of some of the strokes, getting a small utterance of pain by me. A few harder strokes, and Cindy stopped.

We both agreed that this had not been significant, so a better position will be tried in the future. I suggested I kneel on the bed, and Cindy use the bath brush quick and hard for 30 seconds or a minute non-stop. She thought this was a good idea...

As tentative as Cindy had been with the cane, this was the exact opposite... One hard spank with arm action followed almost instantly by the next had me immediately counting to lesson the effect, but after five in five or less seconds I knew I needed to stop counting, or the spanks stopped my counting. By what might have been fifteen seconds I was just concentrating on maintaining my position and not moving out of it, and gasping. Cindy probably spanked for only 30 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity.

When she said that the spanking was finished, I thanked her, and we cuddled, and she commented how my erection had totally disappeared. I was permitted to look in the mirror and the grey area was significant in the middle of my reddened bottom. Not all of the bottom was red, as being in the positions own, other parts were simply bone, and one can never use wood on bones.

We then proceeded to make love, which was exquisite, with a mixture of bondage(as described recently), oral , and major screwing, with Cindy on top grinding my sore and hot bottom into the bed.

This is the hardest Cindy has ever spanked me, and I will be losing weight for certain...

We will experiment with more effective positions, but kneeling on the bed was terribly effective...

My bottom is still significantly sore today, and I am certain will be red after my shower.Happy (?) Spankings


positions to be spanked: using tables

These photos come from the http://spanked2tears.tumblr.com/ site.

How to use a table that is handy when you decide to spank your partner. It has been suggested that for discipline spankings, the physical contact of over the knee gives the wrong idea.Personally, I love the OTK position, but variety changes and enhances the experience.

When bent over, or leaning on a table, the spanker has much greater space to use other implements like larger paddles, or canes, etc...you can find yourself bracing yourself with straight arms, as the paddle crashes into your bottomYou might be lieing on the table with your stomach resting, and on your tip toes....
You might just be leaning forward slightly,s o that your bottom sticks out nicely for the cane..
there is always the feet spread apart
or even very far apart while your upper body is resting on the table (if you can call this a restful position happy spankings