spanky's spanking blog

A blog worth reading is posted and written by Spanky.

Here is his description:

Bright Bottom gives my humorous perspective on things I don't understand: my spanko wife, Kallisto, our consensual spanking, B/D, and D/s relationship, and the rest of TTWD. A lot of other fun and kinky stuff I don't understand pops up here too. Maybe you can be the one to explain it to me.

Spanky started this blog in November 2011, and it is definitely a CONSENSUAL M/F blog... Nice to have a man's perspective on spanking his wife, who enjoys being spanked.

It can be irreverent, and I like that in a blog. You will also see many photos of women having their bottoms spanked. Always an enjoyable time.Spanky has been posting about different spanking positions. I have included a few for when he gets to these positions.
Happy Spankings, whatever side of the brush you find yourself on.


ronnie said...

Spanky's blog is definitely worth a visit. It's good to see him back blogging.

Have a good weekend Red.


Red said...

Ronnie: I agree.. hope you have a fun weekend and are spanked. Now,that is something only one friend can send to another..
Happy Spankings

Hermione said...

Spanky's latest blog is his most successful, I think. I hope Kallisto resumes blogging soon too.


Red said...

Hermione: it is always great to hear both people's point of view...
Happy Spankings

Spanky said...

Thanks Red for the mention!

Red said...

my pleasure