removing feature of popular posts

This is a no win situation.... Having the feature means new people to the blog click on these posts, as they are listed as the most popular. It does not mean the reader may stay there more than a few seconds. However, being on the list means they are probably clicked on more than any other individual post. Thus, by being on the list, they therefore will be on the list forever....There is either much more or much less to this blog than any individual post. Thus, if you are new to the blog, and INTERESTED, I suggest you simply click somewhere on any year(and the months will appear) or on one of this years months to see the titles for the month.I doubt I can ever put this feature on for quite some time, as the options are in the past month or the last seven days. The items on the list have not changed since I included the popular posts, so they have probably built large numbers, that any new post could not overtake.....does that make sense...The next drawing is from Otto's spanking blogspankingsred


Hermione said...

I have Harriet Marwood, Governess and would love to feature an excerpt someday on my blog. You have a lovely picture of her.


otk4us2 said...

I agree Hermione, Harriet Marwood is a very interesting person. I would find a feature on her interesting.

Red said...

Hermione: never heard of her, but will try to find the book... do post about the book when you find a suitable little snippet...
Dave: I agree
Happy Spankings