Ms Clara Hewitt

I recently received a very gracious email from Ms Clara Hewitt, who was alerting me to her blog.

Ms Hewitt is a professional disciplinarian, who lives in Kent, England. Rather unfortunate for us Americans, if you do not travel a lot.The reason I am posting about this blog, is I think many spanking enthusiasts would find it interesting to read.. (specially F/M or F/F aficionados). The blog seemed to start out of nowhere, with nary an introduction. Only now did I think to read what Ms. Clara has written about herself.
"I'm a professional and lifestyle dominatrix. It's my passion and privilege to spank and cane naughty bottoms. This is the story of my adventures, and a little about the people I meet on the journey."

For those of you who have yet to ever be spanked, but wishing to build the nerve to visit a disciplinarian for a spanking, there are two excellent postings that you might enjoy reading....



Ano0ther excellent post:


"It takes a skilled dominatrix to allow for the healing power of pain. Better by far, a loving partner. I would always encourage a man to ask his wife for a thrashing before trying me, because nothing can compare to the beating given by the woman you love and trust totally. But for those not lucky enough to be involved in such a relationship, I believe I can still help."So, if you live or are visiting the Kent area of England, maybe consider visiting, and say Red sent you.

To contact Ms Clara ms.clarahewitt@gmail.com

Happy Spankings


Hermione said...

I have often visited Ms Hewitt's blog since it appeared on Bonnie's blogroll.


Red said...

Hermione: it is interesting to read, as it gives perspective from the spanker's point of view... besides being erotic and fascinating.
Happy Spankings