First a smile, then spanking and TGIF

Well, another long week being retired... I don't know when I will be finished booking all those vacations we are planning... ... (are you smiling at my excessive workload...SPANKING: we had a small little tiff yesterday, with Cindy being clearly wrong! She agreed, and turned around and waggled her bottom at me for a couple of spanks. Being the proper gentleman that I am, i first lowered her pants and panties, and then pulled her gently over my lap as a chair was immediately nearby. She started to protest, but a few rapid spanks had her more concentrating on her unprotected alluring bottom... than complaining. I only gave her ten spanks, but it was only a trifling tiff, and both of us were happy with the problem being solved....So Remember what TGIF stands for when next you are consoling your wife after a little spanking....Have a happy spanking weekendRed

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